Introducing Little Willow Vintage..

I recently launched a new brand Little Willow Vintage, baby wares inspired by simpler times.  It’s still all about handmade and providing beautiful baby quilts but I felt that it was such a different look to Alphabet Monkey that I felt it needed to stand alone.

And so Little Willow Vintage was born.  Inspired partly by my daughter Willow, it seems fitting to move forward in this direction. Just as Alphabet Monkey was inspired after the birth of my son in 2010.

The new brand reflects where I am in life right now, simplifying and paring back in many areas of my life.  So I’d love you to head over and check out the new site www.littlewillowvintage.com but the majority of our Alphabet Monkey stock will be found in our first and ongoing Etsy store which has been running now seven years strong.

We will no longer be making them so when our stock is sold it will be gone forever.

You can shop it HERE

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Living Slow in the Tropics..

Bali Adventure..living slow in the tropics, travelling with kids
Bali Adventure..living slow in the tropics, travelling with kids
Bali Adventure..living slow in the tropics, travelling with kids

So its Winter and here we are..back in Bali, back in our little house in Canggu and this year I’m working on some some changes while I’m here  to life and also to the business.

The kids have grown so much..you can see our family photoshoot from last year here

If there is ever a place to try out slow living then this is it.  We have no TV, I actually bought along a book..you know like a story ..not a work related one, we left the iPad at home and we like to just hang out as if we live here all the time.

No rushing off to all the tourist sites.. driving here and there and everywhere getting stuck in the terrible Bali traffic and the kids spending half the day in the car.

Just sleeping, yoga, local markets, eating, reading, napping, swimming, taking cam to play sport, surf, eat again… and yes I will be working a bit as I said.  But anyone who works from home knows that to work without kids around knows its a little luxury to have some space to yourself to work on your own project. Work technically yes.. but enjoyable all the same.

Bali Adventure..living slow in the tropics, travelling with kids

It might sound kind of boring to pretty much stay in your own neighbourhood but I guess it all depends on why you travel.

I want to know what it feels like to live somewhere else. I’ve lived abroad at various times in my early twenties and we’ve moved around a bit at home but generally I’ve found that this feeds my need to be somewhere else.  You know that feeling that life may be different or better somewhere else?? Well I know that it’s not better anywhere else..just different.  We’ve created a life we love but that doesn’t mean we all don’t crave some change to the routine.

By coming back to the familiar, same people, same places I love the feeling that we have a little home away from home… another place in the world where the shop keeper remembers you, your neighbours do too.  You note how things have changed each year, you lament it but all the same you know that life is always changing and the best way to cope with that is to go along for the ride.

Bali Adventure..living slow in the tropics, travelling with kids
Bali Adventure..living slow in the tropics, travelling with kids
Bali Adventure..living slow in the tropics, travelling with kids
Bali Adventure..living slow in the tropics, travelling with kids

You may like to check out our Bali house here

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Newborn Photography Trend- Floral

Newborn Baby Photography Trend - Floral

I love to stay on the look out for great newborn baby photo ideas for you and I’ve noticed a beautiful trend in newborn baby photography…the use of flowers and other natural elements particularly in  floral crowns and rings.

I thought I’d share some here and as always I have plenty of inspiration as well as the sources on my pinterest boards HERE
Newborn Baby Photography Trend - Floral

Whites and natural textures backgrounds are perfect for a serene baby image with a boho edge.
Newborn Baby Photography Trend - Floral

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How to become a brand rep..

brand rep tips for the baby brand industry

Are you keen to be a brand rep?

We love to see beautiful photography of your babies and little people with our baby blankets and bedlinen. Most brands love this and many choose brand reps to help them to gather more imagery and content to share on their websites and social media channels.

Want to know what a brand looks for when looking for reps?? 

Primarily what most brands look for in a rep is someone who loves their product and is keen to share it with the world and their friends.   It might be great to get some free product but to keep the relationship going with your brand it’s easier if you are an actual fan or even already are a customer. And are you able to provide back regular feedback and images to help them promote the product?

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Sapling Child x Alphabet Monkey Baby Giveaway

We are excited to join up with leading organic baby wear brand Sapling Child to offer one of our Instagram followers an amazing prize worth $250


Get yourself on instagram because we have teamed up to offer a lucky winner a $100 Sapling Child voucher and one of our Vintage Modern quilts..either Charlotte or George.

This is a prize that any new mother or expectant mother will LOVE!!!!

I can personally guarantee you will love their beautiful organic baby wear.  Look at these images I found of Willow that I posted when she was little in her Sapling gear.

OMG she is so small Willow is in these pictures…

I found them so well made, they wash so well and I got so much wear out of them with Willow.  I found their sizing so generous as some baby jumpsuits seem to have short legs..have you noticed?? And Willow was a long baby. So I got a lot more wear out of them than some other designer brands.

The nice thing was that I was able to pass them on as they held up so well. I think we may even still squeeze into some of the bubble suits when we go to Bali next month.

Oh and did I mention the celebs love Sapling too.. well not that we really care about the celebs but i mean if it’s good enough for the royal babies…well you know I’m just saying 😛

So tell your friends with babies to get on and enter now..

All they have to do is

follow both brands on instagram

  • Follow both @alphabetmonkey1 and @saplingchild on Insta
  • Then tag a friend..as many as you like as every comment is an entry.
  • Ends Sunday 8pm EST or 10am Monday 10am AEST
  • Open worldwide..int winner pays postage.

Alphabet Monkey Loves..

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Birth Announcement Cuties 2

This months birth announcement idea has a bit of an American edge with the baseball and all but  you could use this idea with other objects.

And don’t know about you but I’m loving the new iPhone with its portrait setting..it would allow you to take something like this at home.  It automatically blurs the background ..its super easy and it makes you look like a bit of a pro.

I’m obsessed with using it on my personal Insta account..I know you will love it.

Newborn Photo Ideas

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What a mum really wants..

Canggu Bali Family photo session

With Mothers Day I was thinking about what kind of gifts a mother could want..other than a good night sleep. Then I saw my friends Instagram post ( @jetsetmama) this morning about her baby daughter and it moved me to tears.

Speaking of sensing  her child, although still a baby  already in the process of leaving her. At the end in reference to her daughter she says

” Because through it all I will never forget, her tiny body, her tiny face, her smell, and the way it made me feel. And one day when I am old and my body unable to heal,

She will hold me.

And have her face pressed to mine.

And this big whole life,

was but a beautiful moment in time. ”

Claire is certainly a clever girl when it comes to writing and expressing emotions and after I brushed away the tears.. I thought its really those memories of moments in time that we can hold onto the most.

So I believe that the best present you can give your mum or yourself is to capture it all and not to forget to include yourself in it too.

And on that note I want to share with you some family pics we had done last year in the fields outside Villa Nanas , our villa in Canggu Bali.

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Trend- The future of the Monochrome Nursery Trend

Monochrome nursery trend, mountain baby blanket, black and white nursery

The monochrome nursery trend continues to be strong but where is it headed.

Before decorating for your baby check out where this nursery trend is headed.

With the launch of our black and white Nordic Winter Baby Blanket and Quilt Range we thought it would be a great time to think about it.

Monochrome nursery trend, mountain baby blanket, black and white nursery

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Top 10 Nursery Trends for 2017

Lets talk nursery trends for 2017……

The year has gotten away but lets look at what’s trending in children’s interiors this year and beyond.

1. Metallics and Rose Gold.  Expect to see a lot more particularly on larger items like cots. Our latest range Modern vintage was photographed on this Incy Interiors cot and it looks just divine.

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