Happy Sunday..

what a beautiful summers day we have been blessed with today..I think the plants are even all out of wack with this weather as I noticed new buds coming out on the fig tree that had recently lost its leaves?? I took this pic (below) of my little frangipani tree who has just started to flower these gorgeous bright pink flowers while the other trees are losing their leaves….Who knows whats going on but today I just want to enjoy it.

Cam and I went for an early morning stroll in the brisk air to get the paper and let dad sleep in. then we all headed back down at 9 ( cause that’s when our favorite cafe opens) to grab what we have decided are the best coffees and chai lattes in the village..and then on down to the harbor front with the little man and dog in tow.

It was just a picturesque morning with not a breathe of wind leaving the ocean almost like a lake..it’s almost too perfect. we let the dog off for a run in the rock pools and just sat watching and taking it all in.

I can’t help the feeling that I might lose this relaxed feeling as I am going back to my old job this week as a visual merchandiser for two days a week. I left due to some issues that have now been resolved but in between I have grown to love having no strict schedule and especially loving my sewing days. I feel worried that I am going to lose too much sewing time..already feeling anxious about all the projects and ideas I have yet don’t seem to get the time to finish.

I don’t want to become what I was before where I was getting so preoccupied with getting time to sew that I was getting frustrated at cam and resenting the time he took up. sad but true. You forget that the whole reason you want to do this is to not only follow your own creative path but also to be there for him..how does that get so lost.
I known there are a lot work at home mums out there and I wonder if they lose perspective sometimes too. I mean I wouldn’t even be sewing baby quilts if I hadn’t had cam..

so anyway I decided to go back…..it is lovely to be missed and asked to return. I hope that the environment has improved and hopefully it will be another creative outlet that I can enjoy again. I suppose I am more aware this time so I can keep things in perspective. I am extremely lucky to be in the position where we can survive without that income..I learnt what you really need to get by while on maternity leave. so on the more positive side I look forward to sharing some products and displays that I do as I will be styling and merchandising a furniture, bedding and homewares retailer…ooh and that means staff discount ..I can get the extra pieces of my Donna hay dinner set!!



2 Responses to Happy Sunday..

  1. Carolyn May 4, 2012 at 10:21 pm #

    Congratulations on going back to work! You have such a wonderful eye for design I’m not surprised they wanted you to come back so much. Hopefully you can find a good balance between work and family – I think that’s what we’re all looking for in the end

    • nicolenicol May 8, 2012 at 1:08 am #

      yes i think you are so right..