Surfboard quilt in aqua and grey

Just finished this cute surfboard quilt in shades of aqua and grey. this is a colour combination I have primarily been using for my little cloud quilts but when asked if I could make one the same but with surfboards I thought why not???
And so this is the result…I usually make the surfboard quilts in stronger colour combos but I really like it and can imagine it with white wash timbers and rattan rugs for an understated beach vibe.





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One Response to Surfboard quilt in aqua and grey

  1. Carolyn May 4, 2012 at 10:28 pm #

    What a fantastic color combo!! I can just imagine this in a beach side nursery. You really do have a great eye for design & I know first hand the incredible quality of you quilts. My crazy 2 year old has tried every this he can to destroy his alphabet monkey quilt but it’s still looking good as new 🙂