Our First Easter Egg Hunt

well, a very tired little boy has just gone to bed, exhausted from hunting down Easter eggs. We set up some eggs in the house this morning which was very exciting except cam was concerned about the big mess the Easter bunny had left behind with eggs everywhere on the floor.
then after a walk to collect some fresh croissants from our local baker we came back for brekky and then secretly set up an egg hunt for outside in the garden. It couldn’t have gone better..so rewarding just watching his excitement…it was a very long hunt as we had to keep hiding them as he was having such a ball..lol






I thought it might be cool to have an Easter theme family pic but discovered that its easier said than done with a two year old and a dog who don’t like to sit still. now that I look at the pics though I think it probably says more than a perfect one would have anyway……what do you think??



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One Response to Our First Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Amber May 4, 2012 at 10:12 pm #

    Those photos are fantastic! So much better than some ordinary posed ones 🙂