My weekend

Well I have had a bit of busy weekend, and through a couple of different catch ups managed to see five good friends that I really don’t see often enough. And I’ve had to pass on another event tonight cause I’m just too tired and have orders to catch up on as I really have done no sewing all weekend. Why they all come at once I don’t know..I’ll probably be sitting home every weekend for the next few months..lol.
One of my oldest friends held a charity trivia night last night to raise money to enter the Ride for Life for the Chris O’Brien Lighthouse charity which basically wants to find a cure for cancer. You may recall that his death made the news when this RPA Brain cancer specialist was struck down by the disease he treated. Very sad. Anyway the night was a fantastic success..who knew that trivia nights were so popular..well everyone else knew ! I’m so happy for her, she needed to raise $2500 to enter the bike ride and raised close to $8000…wow!!

We are also making some progress on our deck reno and the sewing room extension…I keep looking around at the half finished things around here and have vowed to finish things off. So I have ordered some great grey chevron fabric for a curtain along the back bifold doors. I hadn’t planned on having anything there but I think I need it to keep the heat in during winter and I’ll take them down in summer. Will show you when it arrives. I guess I will have to dig out some before pics of our little shack to show you too.


I did go and grab a cool new quilt cover to give my bedroom the start of a revamp..a change is what I need and to warm it up a bit. Well never thought I’d go with pink but when I saw this new range by Real Living Magazine on their cover this month (as pictured above) I thought it was great. Very on trend with the ombré shading and the chevron on the back..and I have a dark charcoal wall behind the bed which I think stops it from being too girly. And when I went to get it at Target I found it was a lovely quality and a nice sateen finish for only $109 for a queen…but then there was a sale on and it was about $75 so I figured you can’t go wrong .


So that’s it on my bed..not really styled as yet..I will need to re accessorise the room as it is full of fabric bolts etc and may take some pics to show.

So this afternoon cam and I hung out and was happy to model his new lion beanie for me..



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