Roar like a lion..a dress up and cool etsy finds


So yesterday was my little guys first dress up for his little preschool day. More importantly it was my first costume challenge..didn’t want to buy one as it was just for a couple of hours but thought we could get creative and make up something fun. Well we took his little lion beanie..just from target which he loves to wear..add a little bit of fur from spotlight and a yellow tshirt and we came up with a whole lot of fun.

So with this theme in mind I thought I’d share a few cute etsy finds featuring the king of the jungle..


Super cute poster print from sassandperil


This adorable little beanie from Wee Bee Uniques by Julie


Little toy and pattern to make one yourself at Dolls and Daydreams

I love this wall decal with its modern design from Leo Little Lion



Bib in lion and many other cute designs from Square Paisley Designs


I love the designs in this shop..you can check out it out here

Or why not get sewing and make up something cool in this new organic cotton fabric recently released by Cloud 9 fabrics



What other themes would you like to see featured here?????

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