Woodland themes darken….

As we all know woodland themes featuring various animals, trees and birds especially owls have been particularly popular for baby nurseries and kids spaces for quite a while. You can see why people like it especially for a unisex design.
Well it looks like we are about to walk a bit deeper into the forest with trend predictors indicating a darker, more mysterious look..with more fierce animals like bears, raccoons, foxes and wolves and tree references becoming more gnarled.

This can be seen with this peek at the new range of kids home products being released by retailers H&M. It is part of the upcoming fall/winter 2012 collection ( northern hemisphere seasons remember). Apparently it will be available around July online which is still their summer so that’s a bit strange..anyway check it out..so cool.




The darker colors combinations are growing on me..I love the dark greens with the grayish blues and aqua with a dash of orange . It’s not really age specific so it could be interpreted in many ways for nurseries right through for little boys rooms. And that is great news for the mums of boys who so often find their decorating choices limited.

Images from H&M

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  1. Lou January 21, 2014 at 9:21 am #

    Hey, just me again re the fox teddy on this page beside the star print duvet set but I cant see any info on where I could purchase it. Can you help by any chance?