Growing Up..and a first day at pre school



Today was yet another first in a lifetime of firsts that cam will have ahead of him ..just another sign post that time is passing and that he is growing up.
Yes it was a first day at pre school..although I was happy to get a day to dedicate to Alphabet Monkey (something which has been a bit lacking since I returned to work ) I found myself strangely anxious and a teeny bit sad this morning seeing him go off for a whole day with strangers. Happy he is so independent but feeling a bit weird all the same..

I know everyone says they grow up so quickly but it’s not until you see and experience it for yourself that it really means something. I love this idea for capturing your child’s growth which Nicole from Making it Lovely shares on her blog. She takes a picture every month of her baby in the same chair and location until they turns two. I really wish I had done something like this..she takes one every year once over two so I can start now.


Oh yes in case you are wondering …..cam had a great day at school and didn’t want to come home. And the upside is that I have quite a few new things to share..which I will do very soon. But not tonight..I am off to Sydney tomorrow for our work direction day to check out what trends we will be showing for the next season..oh and Christmas too..hopefully we will get a sneak peek.


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