Summer bedlinen; and my encounter with Shannon Fricke


Well I mentioned last week that I would be heading to Sydney for my work Direction Day which is basically a day where we are briefed on what design trends and looks we will be featuring for the coming season. Summer is always big for interiors because there is not only new season furniture and bedding, homewares items and new bedlinen ranges but there is added work of introducing the outdoor living ranges and also the set up for Christmas.

The highlight was discovering that we will be featuring the new Shannon Fricke bedlinen range…..i have been a huge fan of Shannons’styling for many years. You know admiring her home and styling work through magazine stories, blog and Facebook. I really have only followed three blogs up until recently, hers being one, but I’ll share the others another time.


shannon fricke


I had been particularly intrigued by her home life and the transformation of her home on a property in Bangalow, a gorgeous country style village oozing with both charm and designer style, located just inland from Byron. Yes I know..sounds like a dream life..doing what one loves from an idyllic location. But enough with the jealousy!!! Before I started work at Domayne about 7 or so years ago my hubby and I were all set to make a move up to the north coast after we sold our house but I got the job and decided to stay and get more experience in the vm job as they are quite hard to come by especially out of the city. Sometimes I regret that decision and other times not as you have to just take the path that feels right at the time. We still aim to get there eventually but anyway i digress.

So after hearing this news I decided to write to Shannon, (after all i kind of had a reason to now) and tell her how excited I was to be able to style and present her bedlinen range and told her how much i loved her work etc and asked if she would mind if I shared some pics here..I know its kind of embarrassing to write to people you admire..I mean what if they think you are a loser..or don’t write back, or write back and tell you that you are a loser..I’m getting carried away here!

shannon fricke workshops for decorating

Anyway the exciting part is that she did write back and was so totally lovely..and sounds so excited about having her range in store..she even wants to pop around and see some of the stores..not that she will be all the way down here but I am going to send her a pic once we set up. Now the pressure will be on!! The range is a gorgeous collection of linen in a mix of fabrics prints and textures, like linen, soft velvets, soft indian style block printed cotton, stripes and ticking. I think i am most attracted to the aqua colour way as I am a bit obsessed with it . I have featured my favourite below in the floral which is usually not me.. but I would make it my own by mixing it with rustic pieces and especially some of my white and silver lanterns for side table lighting because if you don’t already know, I just LOVE moroccan style and particularly lanterns. And i love that it is so fresh for summer.

shannon fricke bedlinen, flowers in the field quilt cover

And that is just what Shannon wants people to do..you can mix and match almost every piece in the range..you can add and subtract to create your own style..make it country style , or coastal, vintage, minimal or contemporary it all depends on you, what furniture you put it with and the way you style it.

Shannon actually runs decorating workshops from her little cottage retreat on her Bangalow farm which I think sound so fun. We were up that way last august and i wanted to take part in the Styling 101 workshop..I imagine it would be great to learn some new tips for photographing my baby linen and I think that sometimes these types of things are so worth it just to be inspired by positive and creative people. It didn’t work out then ..Cam was only 18 mths old and we had the worst weather so we just wanted to get home..maybe this year or next?? You can find out more about Shannons workshops and even purchase her bedlinen direct from her beautiful new site here

And the moral to the story is don’t be scared to reach out to say hi to people you admire..thanks Shannon for making my week!!

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6 Responses to Summer bedlinen; and my encounter with Shannon Fricke

  1. anu @ affairewithinteriors June 24, 2012 at 11:05 pm #

    Very nice story! I especially like the third image where you have so nicely put together different photos of Shannon’s work! 🙂

    • nicolenicol June 24, 2012 at 11:12 pm #

      Thanks..i am just learning the whole graphics/ collage thing so thanks.

  2. Angie June 25, 2012 at 2:29 am #

    Beautiful post – I totally got right into it and learned so much! Very inspiring! Thank you! And a beautiful range of linen. Love love love! Best wishes Angie xo (Found you on BYW 2.0!) 🙂

    • nicolenicol June 25, 2012 at 6:45 am #

      Thanks Angie for taking the time to visit. Yay for BYW

  3. aineteahan June 25, 2012 at 9:47 am #

    Great post Nicole! Just goes to show, you should always ask 🙂 Shannon’s range looks beautiful & she just looks so lovely & effortlessly cool!
    I love your work – I’m the mother of a three year old little boy so I know how hard it is to find cool stuff for boys – well done!

  4. clairelewisco June 26, 2012 at 2:21 am #

    Love Love Love!
    Very inspiring piece and thanks for introducing me to Shannon Fricke.