New Country Roses by Royal Albert; setting up the range

I mentioned a little while back that we had received the new range of Royal Albert dinnerware and it was a lot of fun to set up as it is so pretty and the packaging is just gorgeous.
Our rep popped in last week and I listened in on what she had to say about the range and the company. It was quite interesting that the one hundred year old English company went into administration last year and is now owned by an American firm which is attempting to revitalize the brand and make it more appealing to a younger generation. They also happen to own other well known names such as Wedgewood, Royal Doulton, and Waterford.



The range ‘ New Country Roses’ is a new take on their best selling range ‘ Country Roses’ which I’m sure many of you would be familiar with. While I am not a huge fan of that range ( a best seller for 20 years.. So what do I know anyway???) I must say that the new mix and match range in pretty pastel shades is right on trend and the whole vintage thing just keeps on getting more popular. It is apparently already a popular choice for bridal registries and for high tea parties like kitchen teas and baby showers. The packaging is the best example of their new target market with most pieces packed up in hot pink hat boxes. Imagine turning up with a gift like that with a big bow around it..it is sure to be a hit.

They have also made some considerations in the pricing with an everyday dinner set for four priced at around $300.. Add the scalloped edges and the hand painted gold trim and you can go for the $1000 plus setting. One of the interesting things is how particular they are about each piece being perfect ..any tiny defect and it is replaced..and best of all if you break or damage any piece within two years it will be replaced . And no it doesn’t matter of your kid smashes it or how it is damaged…sounds like a pretty good back up. Which will give you a bit more confidence to not just save it for special occasions.



In setting up the range there are four designs so you can mix and match and create a crazy tea set and they used to be called. I didn’t want to take much out of the beautiful packaging as it never seems to go back in just right so I decided to create a stack of hot pink and mix it up with what is out on display. I decided to add chairs for a one sided setting facing the pathway where it will be most viewed from as a way to showcase their range of chair cushions and scatter cushions.
My favorite is the pastel blue spot with the pink roses….I am thinking about getting a tea cup just for days when you want to feel a bit special. We all need that sometimes.

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