Ahoy there…cute new pirate theme

I recently mentioned the latest pirate skull and crossbones crib quilts that I had made up and how they didn’t really even make it to being listed. So I am thinking that there is still a bit of pirate love out there.

With that in mind I will look at making some more up ..or maybe offer to order if you are wanting one…but for now I am excited to show you a new take on the pirates. If you thought that the other skull and crossbones was a bit too hard core (so to speak )for a nursery then you may like this.

Pirate Bunny is my new look for pirate quilts…..it is inspired by the new ‘seven seas’ range of organic fabric by Cloud 9. I ordered a small selection and have put together a few little inspiration boards based around the fabrics. I have picked out the little pirate bunny rabbit motif from the fabric and thought I would use in replacement of the skull and crossbones motif I had previously used……can you see him? I think he is so cute and fun.



I love is grey and navy combination and I think it could also work well using the boat fabric and making it into a sailboat theme. I may also make an elephant version too..oh yes I must show you the elephant fabric on order..later I guess.


This aqua and blue combo is very fresh too.
I hope to get started on at least one version very soon however if you dont want to wait you can claim one of your very own by asking for a custom order .

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