Win a chevron quilt in our Facebook 1000 likers celebration……

Wow!!! I can’t believe we have reached over 1000 likers on Facebook!!!

I had been keeping an eye on the total as we crept towards that milestone and had been trying to decide what I should do to celebrate. And then yesterday morning I got up and saw that suddenly we had experienced an overnight flurry of activity and had exceeded one thousand so I had to get my thinking cap on.

I really want to thank everyone for being a part of this..I like knowing that most of you are here because you want to be..mostly because you may be having a baby, have a little boy, know some one with one, or you enjoy sharing in quilting, interiors design, sewing and other creative endeavors and like the inspiration of being inspired by other creative people.

It is truly encouraging to be able to do something creative that I enjoy and in the process be able to spread that out into the world…right into your little nurseries.

So I decided to have a giveaway..of my little aqua chevron quilt…my favourite colour and pattern. It is smaller than my patch quilts and is great for travel, play rug, cot/crib

In return I thought I would pick everyone’s brains for ideas…what would be your ideal alphabet monkey quilt…particular themes, colours , patterns…I’ve already seen some great answers.

So head over to my Facebook page (and maybe even share with friends who may like to win a quilt too) by following the link here


And thanks again!!!!

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