Friday Favourite…Printstagram

Happy Friday everyone..the weekend is almost here.

Today the Fed Ex van pulled up and dropped of a little parcel that gave me a lot of joy ..a little reminder of all the fun and happy times I have had since last summer that had all been captured on my phone via instagram.  Quite a while ago I bookmarked a site I had read about where you can get all kinds of mini prints printed up direct from your instagram account .  I remembered it last week and decided to get a few pics printed as I never seem to get around to getting photos printed and I’m so glad that I did.  They are gorgeous little cards on quite a thick weight paper with an almost waxy finish. They had all kinds of options from tiny cards, stickers , mini books, collages…its totally worth checking out so you can set free some of the memories and cool pics from inside your phone.

And so the honour of being my first Friday Favourite goes to the printstagram site…..

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