My Friday Favourite..Jasmine

Todays’ friday favourite is in honour of my favourite flower..in terms of smell that is.

Not long after we moved in and I set about getting a garden going planting some jasmine vines was at the top of my list.  I planted about five (and will probably plant more) much to my mothers displeasure as she can’t stand the stuff and hates how i scattered in little makeshift vases around the house.  I love to wake up in the morning to that sweet scent and i love smelling it as I walk through the house and of course in the garden.

 I was just picking what seems to be the last of the little flowers this morning and thinking about how it just reminds me of summery days.  Today has turned out to be as summery as a January day with a storm expected anytime now…just loving that.   I really try to make the most of its flowering season because I have yet to smell any type of scented product that actually captures its true aroma..what i would give for a true to life jasmine scented candle.  Mmmm scented candles..well i’ll save that for another friday.

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