On the sewing machine…blue whales and more clouds

Ive had a few enquiries about the blue whale quilts that i used to have in the shop these last few weeks.  Well the navy whale fabric is now all gone but I have been sewing a new version which I think is just as cute and thought I’d better give you all a sneak peek since so many have been asking.

whale quilt by alphabet monkey

And while we are at it..here is the heads up on the first cloud quilt using my own little cloud print fabric. Its a mix with chevron and spots and in everyones favourite colour combo..or so it seems…grey and aqua. It is one only right now but i think i will get some more fabric as I’m pretty happy with how its coming up. And as i have just gotten in a whole lot more grey spot fabric i am also looking at doing some more grey and white cloud quilts….so now you are up to date ( well pretty much..I have to keep a few tricks up my sleeve don’t I)

Cloud quilt by alphabet monkey

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