Friday Favourite…a tale of a pirate bunny meeting his little owner

When I woke up this morning wondering what would be my favourite thing to mention today.   I was thinking about how nice it was to meet one of my little customers and his lovely mum Michelle in person yesterday when they came to collect his little pirate bunny quilt from me at work.  I love chatting online with clients but its not often that I have local clients that I get to meet in person, and it has only happened on only a handful of occasions but I really enjoy it.

I have mentioned that this pirate bunny style is a current favourite of mine and it is now off to darling little Boyces’ nursery where I hope it will give many years of cuddles.

Pirate bunny quilt by alphabet monkey

I also decided to put together a few items to create a bit of a nursery mood board  that could look great in Boyces’ pirate nursery or maybe you have been thinking of creating a bit of a pirate theme.

Pirate nusery mood board by alphabet monkey

If you like the idea of nursery board to go with my quilts I will try to do some more of them in the future..I think it can give you some more ideas on how to create a special nursery that is unique to you and your alphabet monkey quilts. What kind of mood board( that relates to my subjects) would you like to see?

Items featured are ;

1. Alphabet Monkey Quilt,

2. Caravan Cot in black from Kido Store ,

3. Nursery Pirate Rabbit Print by NannetteRegan in her Etsy Store ,

4. Red Plush Pirate Rabbit from Cute Plush

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