Friday Favourite..Triangles meet Chuck and Taz pram liners

We have already looked at the merging trend for geometric prints being incorporated into nurseries here but today triangles are going to be my friday favourite.

I have been inspired by my best etsy friend , Kat (from Chuck and Taz) who has just had one of her pram liners featured on the Apartment Therapy website. They are looking at triangles in nurseries and products for kids..its not a long article but it has some great products featured if you want to check it out here

This is the liner that was pictured on the site. Such a strong design and colour combination. Kat was particularly excited that this liner was chosen as the fabric is exclusive to Chuck and Taz with Kat having designed it herself..clever girl!

I admire her eye for colour and her selection of left of centre fabrics..you must see the donkey in gumboots fabric!!! It’s great to see patterns and designs that are modern, fun and different.

PS. this is not a sponsored post however I do confess that we spend a lot of time over cuppas discussing all things etsy and complaining about the prices charged by Australia Post ..lol

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2 Responses to Friday Favourite..Triangles meet Chuck and Taz pram liners

  1. Bambella Designs June 4, 2014 at 12:01 pm #

    your right her eye for colour is quite amazing. This print is just beautiful.

  2. Gooseberry Australia September 25, 2014 at 8:43 am #

    It really is a strong design. I also like the fact it is unisex.