Friday Favourites… Alphabet Monkey on Pinterest

Today’s Friday Favourite is the social networking site Pinterest.

I first heard about Pinterest early this year through other creative business’ on Facebook and Etsy. It is only such a new site but it has been an amazing hit and has grown particularly fast. I think it’s because it’s so visual..it literally sucks you in with all the gorgeous images you can find on there.

For those of you who are yet to discover it it is basically like an online pin board for all your ideas and images that you find around the web. Every topic is covered and people pin all kinds of things so you are sure to find something you love..it is really big for DIY projects, especially for kids ideas and cooking.

I had kept my account more private and but I recently decided to open things up a bit and share all the inspiring pics I find of kids rooms and nurseries. It’s hard sometimes to take on too many social media outlets, you sometimes feel you spend more time on the computer than actually designing and creating. However Pinterest is very enjoyable and after the initial obsession passes I love to just pop on for ten minutes here and there.

I have also just added an Alphabet Monkey nursery board where I hope to share some of your pics of your alphabet monkey product in its very own nursery.
So if you would like to be included you can email your photo or a couple of pics so I can create a cute collage for you and add it to the board…
Be sure to take overall pics and some close ups of some feature items for the best collages. To get idea check out the board here


So if you want to see what the fuss is about why not head over to my page and see what inspires me or collect ideas for your nursery decorating.
If you want to join (cause you need an invite) just email me and I’ll invite you …or if you want to send some nursery pics for my board you can email me at nicolenicol@ bigpond.com, or come and visit my board here

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