Friday Favourite… New rituals

This week we went down to our favourite cafe in the village , Green Poppy. I don’t often go for “coffees” as I don’t actually drink coffee but often i settle for a tea at home as with an unruly two year old it is rarely relaxing. However my hubby often collects a coffee and a little babycino for Cam so they have their own little routine.

I must say I really enjoyed sitting down with them, indulging myself with the best chai latte in the district and being amazed that cam actually sat down for 15 minutes…he must be growing up, so maybe just maybe I might venture out with him more often for our own little ritual.


Now he is even starting to smile for the camera … Check out that mo!


How about you..did you avoid cafes with your toddler to avoid the drama ? I hate to ruin other people’s quiet coffee time as I know that before I had a child I used to really hate that…oh how life changes. I did discover the joys of the play centre though for some time out while he ran himself ragged..especially once he was big enough to play without my constant supervision.

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