Cams’ Fish Nursery…and time for a change.

Campbells 2yr old roomWell its only a week till Christmas eve and I haven’t even got the Christmas tree up yet.  Crazy right?  Cause I do love having the tree up and the house looking festive.

Well i do have an excuse..really..  No I’m not over it from decorating ten trees at work last month..lol.  We spent the last two weeks over at my mums while we had our timber floorboards all sanded and polished.  It seemed like such an effort to get everything out of the house but now that we are back in with everything feeling fresh and new I feel like it really was worth the hassle.

We have been renovating slowly and my new sewing room is almost complete so I will hope to show you some pics and maybe some before and after house shots.  We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel cause it really is slow progress when you do a lot of the work yourself..as I’m sure many of you can probably relate to.

So I have decided to take a bit of time off to get things in order, prepare for christmas , enjoy the sunny weather and work on some new ideas.  I also want to make up some linen for Cams room since he always seems to be left behind with things half done as I am always busy doing things for other kids rooms..like how they say a chef never cooks at home or something like that.

 I talked about some ideas I had for his room here and have decided to keep it all white and fresh with pops of colour from his toys and mix up patterns and styles in the linen.

So this will be his third room change in three years almost..lol..a change is as good as a holiday.

His first nursery featured a hand painted tree mural and so here are a few peeks at his second room which featured the red and blue sprout fish design. Unfortunately sprout designs are not currently printing any fabrics for the foreseeable future but i do have one item left in this print here

Campbells fish nursery

campbells fish nursery

So we are moving on…and will keep you updated on our progress….and on our xmas decorating progress too.

Please note that I will take any last orders for quilts needed for the end of January by this Wednesday the 19th.  I will be taking a break till the 10th of Jan, however my etsy shop will still be open but only to purchase ready to ship items..I may even throw in a little sale.

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