Building sandcastles and memories


It has been a very hot summer so far here in OZ..record breaking temperatures and bushfires across the country. I have tried to just kick back and enjoy these balmy days..god knows we wished for it last summer.

These days of just breathing in the salt air, watching the morning waves and walking along the sand is really what summer is all about to me and reminds me of my childhood on the beach. Its funny because I told my mum the other day my memories of early beach days are of green cordial and biscuits mixed with a dash of sand grit under an umbrella.

I had the feeling I spent long days there..but mum told me I actually spend short spurts there and preferred to go home and read a book. The benefits of living close to the beach I guess. I don’t really remember that part so vividly…its interesting what you choose to remember.

So I hope that Cam has happy memories of rock pool expeditions, beach snacks, pushing his truck along the beach, hunting down bluebottles, visiting nan and pops at the beach, digging holes and jumping waves.

One thing i will remember is his great idea to wear his woollen gloves so the puppy wouldn’t bite him..then he decided it was a great idea to wear them to the beach so he could touch the bluebottles which he was told would sting him.  If only  the people staring at him could know what a great little problem solver he is..lol

Its all about building memories isnt it?

All pics by Nicolex

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2 Responses to Building sandcastles and memories

  1. Heather Woods January 21, 2013 at 11:56 am #

    What beautiful pictures Nic and such wonderful memories you’re creating. It reminds me of all the time i spent in exactly the same spot doing the same thing with my two kiddies. It really is a time to treasure.
    Heather xx

    • nicolenicol January 21, 2013 at 1:12 pm #

      Heather, your gorgeous post with the lovely pics of noosa got me thinking about the everyday things we enjoy..it is funny to think we are doing the same thing in the same place just different times. xxx