Hello again..a holiday catch up

hi there…

So how were your holidays?

Well if you are in Australia you would have sweltered through two of the top 3 hottest days Australia has ever had (on the records that is..)

 I love that it is hot but that is another thing altogether .  I’m going to stop right there cause i do love a good chat about the weather..dont we libby?? (from the Crimson Pear)

So what have I been up to?

I was just thinking back over the last month and it has been kind of hectic. Here is a run down…….

Remember I mentioned on facebook that we were moving out of our house for two weeks to have our floorboards sanded, stained and polished.  Getting everything ..and i mean everything out of your house is a challenge in itself but now that we are back in and its all done and feeling lovely and new it feels like it was all worth it.

Hubby was madly renovating to get our deck roof  and enclosure done and the rooms repainted (might as well do it while the house is empty) so we could get back in for christmas..you know how everything suddenly has to be done before christmas..lol.

We then took advantage of said new deck and entertaining area to have a new years party and hubbys’ 40th party..yes we are apparently approaching ‘middle age’ but i just say its the new 30.

We introduced a new little furry member to our family ( we sadly lost our last beautiful boy last year) and he is a delight.



I also have some exciting news about the sewing room…yay it is usable and now that all the mess is in there my lounge room feel lovely and spacious. We just have to get some serious storage and organisation happening.

I have enjoyed just having a complete break from sewing or doing anything related to it.  You need to step back sometimes don’t you? And that includes turning off the phone and having a break from social media.  Have you been successful in this area?

I have been slowly plugging away at Campbells’ room and will share some of the redecorating over time to come..but it is quite simple and white so far.

 I am determined to sew him a quilt before I get swept away in orders again.  I know there are a lot of you waiting to order yellow and grey elephants so looks like I’ll be keeping busy with that for a while.

I have also decided to leave my part time position as an interior and homewares merchandiser and stylist to focus more on home, my family and of course Alphabet Monkey.  Although I enjoyed it and had been doing it for so long I just really felt I needed to trust the feeling that I had inside which was telling me that it was time to move on…and so I have.

So you may be hearing from me more often…have you made any new starts for the new year?

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