Friday Favourite…Monster Mash

It seems I was a bit eager last week posting my Friday Favourite on Thursday!!!  I had to think twice to make sure it is Friday today..it is isnt it??

Well I kind of think not knowing what exact day it is is a great sign of going with the flow..it usually only happens when you are on holidays. I do enjoy that feeling.  I guess that is my life now that it doesn’t revolve around the two out of home work days I used to have and I am really just getting myself into a routine now.

Any way back to todays Friday Favourite which is a Amor Amor Designs.

 I first came across Amor Amor when I first started selling online about two years ago and thought they were super cute.  So when I came across them again this week on Etsy I just knew I had to share them with you.  Their cool designs are just perfect for  funky little boys out there.

They are a small Melbourne based business made up of three very creative girls….there are a lot of very creative people down there.  It seems that everytime I find something that really catches my eye  on Etsy whether it be fabric design, visual art, kids products, fashion..whatever..I will click through and always find they are from Melbourne or at the very least Australian.

They have great products from baby bibs and the little monster rattles as pictured, right through to tees and long sleeve shirts for boys up to five years old.

You can check out their shop here


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