On the sewing machine… modern patchwork

I have been getting so much done today I am feeling on a bit happy with myself..finally starting to catch up on orders, getting some new products done which I want to keep to myself till I can present them all to you as a range.  I’m just keeping my eyes closed to all the mess and housework..tomorrow is another day for that.

Had a lovely relaxing weekend with my two guys, caught up with friends at a yummy dinner party on saturday night and chilled yesterday after brunch at Green Poppy.

Then got into an organising mood and started purging things in our crowded garage…its all part of making home life happier but I’ll share more about this with you another day.

Just working on a few more modern patchwork quilts..this one is going to be a part of a sock monkey theme room which should be cool.

red, grey and brown patch quilt


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