Campbell and the Hungry Caterpillar..

We just had a busy weekend because my little monkey, Campbell just turned three. I know ..where did the time go?

 That’s all I seem to hear myself saying these days and gee that makes you feel old doesn’t it?

campbells caterpillar party

So after much mind changing over the last few weeks and cake viewing on pinterest we went from caterpillars to pirates to trucks and in the end back to the hungry caterpillar. I thought the bright colours were great for a little fun party and since this book was given to him on the day he was born and has been a constant favourite ..I felt it was fitting.

birthday boy with his caterpillar cake

So when I say party , it was really a small afternoon tea with close family. It was great. Thats the thing about kids..all we really need is some balloons and a cake and its a party.

Its so easy these days to order a few things online to create something a bit special..just a few little cake toppers, some caterpillar napkins and plates, add balloons and of course I had to get clever with the fondant to create the cake and a party was had. But the look of excitement of his face that I had made this for him and his excitement as he showed his dad really made it totally worth a little bit of effort.

campbells caterpillar cake

So that’s another year down and now to get into planning something fun for Easter. Do you have a big affair for your little ones birthdays every year or do you keep them low key?


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