Pinterest Pick..Spots

Today I’d like to share with you my first Pinterest Pick..it seems a shame to keep all those gorgeous images tucked away in their little pinterest files so I’ve decided to share the occasional one with you here on the blog.

Wondering what’s next with trends…well wonder no longer because it’s spots.

pinterest pick on alphabet monkey.com.au.Spots

Although between you and me do spots really ever go out of fashion especially for kids? I personally think not.

I guess with all the hard edges of all those geometric and triangles out there we always look towards the opposite. Sticking confetti spots on your wall is a cute idea and can be used in kids rooms or even in grown up spaces. You can space them out evenly or graduate them or just go crazy and put them all willy nilly all over the place..and when you are over that you can just peel them off.

You can see more spotty ideas including fashion and homewares on my spotty pinterest board.


Cute spot picture here

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