Easter in Pictures

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I hope you all had a happy easter..I went to more effort this year because of Campbell and I’m glad I did. Just makes things a bit more memorable. We had brunch with my parents and Campbells’ two great grandmas and it was just simple.

And I think the Easter pic is officially our new tradition..last year I wanted a family pic as I had wanted one for ages with us and our two beautiful cocker spaniels. Unfortunately one passed away suddenly before we ever took any photos all together so I was determined to get one with our other dog and cam while he was little. It was a disaster but still memories all the same. I didn’t expect that we would be taking it this year with a new furry family member after the loss of our other gorgeous boy but it makes me glad that we did take it last year with him.

Life changes so quickly why not grab any chance to make a memory and a day a bit more special. Have you got any little traditions that you have started?

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