Red and Aqua Elephants..

I have made this fresh and fun red and aqua colour combination many times before with the whale motif but after a customer request for the elephant it turned out so cute I wondered why I hadn’t thought to do it earlier.

red and aqua elephant crib set by alphabet monkey

I thought I would share it with you and I have just listed it in my etsy shop to accept orders.

How has your week been so far?  We are having a run of gorgeous autumn days here and I’m so glad I got myself out for a walk this morning.  It just makes you feel good for the day.

I decided to walk Cam and the pup down to my mums’ and we walked down via the harbour and foreshore and it was just a stunning morning.  Sunny, mild, calm seas sparking away.  When I was walking home I was thinking about how lucky I am to be able to wander back home to start my work day.  Then when I saw all I had to do I felt a little overwhelmed, but then I thought, Wow! I am so grateful that all these lovely mums to be out there choose me to create for them and allow me to grow my own little business.

So then I got to work..lots of cutting and putting things together.  And lots of hand stitching for me in front of the TV tonight.

Do you work from home with the kids, do you aspire to do something to allow you to stay home with the kids or are you counting down the days to head back to the ‘real world’ (in the nicest possible way)?

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One Response to Red and Aqua Elephants..

  1. leanne April 14, 2013 at 10:39 pm #

    Omg im in love with this!! If only i had found you earlier i just finished my lil boys nursery. oh well theres always the next one…