april catch up

April has been a busy month for me with lots of orders coming in from you all.

I shared some Easter pics, photographed some  Stormy new designs, before the excitement of being featured on Babyology website. I also introduced the new organic blankies and we saw some great pictures of some of your nurseries here and here.  So keep them coming in.

And this very blog turned one at the end of last month and so it got a bit of a birthday makeover and we had a giveaway to celebrate.


But May is here and it is starting to really feel like winter is on its way.  We have been very lucky here on the south coast because we had such gorgeous summer style weather for the end of April..it really was the last burst of summer.  Check out this picture I snapped at the beach last week.

Just a gorgeous day!!  I really can’t complain at all this year as we had a magnificent summer.

We made the most of it building sandcastles and amazingly this is the first time we have built them and not immediately knocked them down.  My little guy is growing up.


He insisted we go back the next day but what a difference a day makes. It is gloomy and a bit blustery but we built some castles anyway.



I shared these photos on instagram and am inviting you to join me on there if you are a member.

I have recently decided to change my account from private to open..I wondered whether or not to do this, you know it’s hard to draw the line with all this social media stuff but I enjoy using it so that is the main thing.   I use this as a more personal outlet but will start to include some behind the scenes snaps too.

Do you use instagram? Well lets be instagram friends here or click on the instagram icon at the top of the page.

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