On the new sewing machine… woodlands

This week has been a busy and exciting week.

First we had a quilt included in the Etsy front page treasury and then the organic geometric wrap got a mention on the Etsy AU facebook page. Then we also got a mention with the same little wrap on the Down that Little Lane instagram feed and to top it off was approached for an interview for an Australian quilting magazine about selling quilts online.


Then I got a super duper fancy new sewing machine..well new to me anyway.  Totally excited about it but still a bit hesitant to use it..I guess it just takes a bit of time to get used to something new.  But I know my husband will be loving how much quieter it is thats for sure.

So I have my mum to thank for this generous gift (or donation to Alphabet Monkey). She upgraded her machine and so I have scored the cast off..which is about 10 steps up from the little machine I have now but which i loved cause it did the job fine.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned before that she is the behind the scenes member of my team..she is an award winning art quilter and has been sewing ever since I can remember.  She finishes off the bindings on all the quilts, helps with this and that when I get busy and also is the knowledge base in this world of sewing which I am relatively new to.

She also used to sew a lot of the quilts up for me when Cam was much smaller and need more attention.  Basically this little operation wouldn’t have come so far without her so thanks mum!!


And so I also have a sneak peek into some new designs.  This little woodland theme also has another quilt with little foxes and more blues mixed in. I just couldn’t help picking out those little toadstools and  it is actually quite gender neutral…well hubby thinks it’s too girly so it may suit some of you who are asking for girls quilts.  I probably will have enough fabric for about 3-4 quilts so it is definitely a very limited edition.

I also have some whales in blues, some adorable monsters and a circus version of the elephant quilt with a vintage fabric mixed in.

I hope to have some pictures for you soon.

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