Trend Watch..Neon

How do you feel about neon colours?

Well I think it may depend on your age and unfortunately I may be showing mine by saying I’m not the biggest fan,  primarily because it gives me flashbacks of my ‘Choose Life’ oversized tee and my pink neon socks.  I’m not really fussed to relive the 80’s fashion thats for sure.
However each time a trend comes round they do it differently and I do think that this time round the mixing of neons is often with natural textures like linen and wood in interiors as well as with more pastel shades when it comes to fashion.

neon trend

Neon is really big in kids fashion but may explode a bit more here in Australia once our spring hits. As for childrens interiors it is sneaking through, mainly by way of pops of colour here and there. Using storage or decorative pieces to introduce the trend is the best way. I’ve seen a couple of all out neon rooms online and it’s not too good people. I think for nurseries it isn’t really too popular yet but that will probably change as people get more familiar with using colours and looks from adult interiors in their nurseries.  In fact i know someone currently planning one and I’ll be very keen to see the outcome..and hopefully share it with you.

Some of the colour palettes I’ve collected on my neons and pastels pinterest board are just gorgeous and could be easily translated into a childs room.

painted plastic animals

And along the way I noticed how many of my neon pictures had painted plastic animals in them. Although I wasn’t new to this idea,  I was surprised just how much of a huge trend it is on its own.

But I didn’t realise how many ways these painted animal were being used.  Of course I think they are great for kids rooms to use as decorative purposes but they are being used as cake toppers, wedding place card holders and centrepieces, kids parties, as artwork, jar lids, wall hooks, book ends and thats just to start.

So if you stuck for ideas just pick up that little dinosaur you probably just stepped on and get out a can of metallic or neon spray paint and go for it.


All images and sources can be viewed via my pinterest boards

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