Alphabet Monkey Update…I’m escaping the cold for some sun

simpatico geo quilt

Sorry I have been a bit quiet here but unfortunately we all finally succumbed to illness..things were at a bit of a standstill which you may have been aware of from my facebook status updates.

Most quilts are still getting out on time which is great and today I am packing up and posting the pre order geometric quilts.

I also have some other news..we are heading off on a winter escape to the sunny tropical paradise of Bali next month. I really love to just get away from the cold so we are looking forward to it. I was there while I was pregnant with Campbell and now he is coming back with us so he is very excited to go on a big plane.

It is my 40th next month as well so I am taking the second half of the month off. So it means that anything ordered in August that needs to be made up will mostly be ready to ship in mid to late September.

I will probably allow the shop to still take orders but with an extended lead time. I will keep you updated.


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