Birthday celebrations and a holiday..

Hello again,

I just thought I’d like to share with you a little snapshot of my 40th birthday celebrations which we had on saturday night.   I decided to have a low key affair with close friends and family, and I must say I was very excited and the night went so well. It’s great to have such an intimate gathering where everyone mingles and just enjoys.


All my friends wondered when I had started to love pink??

Well I was inspired by this cool birthday card by Birdy and Me for a girly champers and cake kind of affair so I decided to go all feminine and ban myself from blues and aquas ( my faves). Its also a nice change from all the boys things and boys birthdays we do here.


We had a lovely night, we had gorgeous little flower arrangements by my friend, decorator and florist which just made the place so pretty and finished off the cake. My mother in law put in hours to create the delectable food. The cake was red velvet and was a hit with everyone from a new local little cake shop here in the village. I was also spoilt with gorgeous presses and a big Samantha Wills haul.

But the most special thing was having everyone together..cause its the people that share your journey along this life that really make it great. I loved seeing my friends from different stages of life meeting each other and getting on so well.
And do I feel old?? Well I really feel like I’m in a great place and the best is yet to come so if age is the price for that then I’ll pay.

So I will be a bit quiet on here till the end of the month as I have to get off here and get my things packed as we are heading up to the airport this afternoon. The cold wind blowing outside makes me even more excited for some balmy nights in Bali.
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One Response to Birthday celebrations and a holiday..

  1. Brooke August 19, 2013 at 6:39 pm #

    Your birthday celebrations look stunning, happy 40th! Life begins at 40 they say 🙂