Christmas Trends..what christmas style are you?




Living here in Australia we grew up with images of the ‘traditional christmas’ which strangely is something the majority of us will never experience.  I love seeing the images from the northern hemisphere and think it would be lovely but I also think that it’s great that we are embracing different christmas decorating styles and ways of eating and celebrating that reflects who we are and where we come from.

I have put together some different styles for you to check out the latest decorating styles as well as see which one you most relate to.  I most relate to the ‘coastal christmas’ due to where I live and must admit that after many years of quite minimalistic xmas styling, we are getting back into it to make it bigger, more fun and memorable for our little boy.  It really brings the excitement back to Christmas.


This can be pastels or bright..or vintage as many of these gorgeous colourful decorations are vintage inspired.


If you are right into the neon trend sweeping through both fashion and interiors then this is probably for you…


Above and below can both be interpreted as a scandi vibe but with the rustic style you love the textures of timbers and jute and not as minimal.


We are getting a bit more traditional here..depending on how you style it up.


Last but not least, the traditional christmas.  Is this the only style that really says christmas to you??  I bet you are not alone..


So what do you think????

Which one are you..or do you most relate to?

Whatever you do or don’t decorate at home, just lets all remember that its all about sharing time and being together at christmas.  Enjoy yours xx

You can find all these images , their sources and even more decorating ideas on my Christmas Pinterest board.

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