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I haven’t been on Pinterest so much lately..busy with other projects I guess.

But I jumped on yesterday and was struck by this image.  It just makes me happy to look at it.

Firstly its the colours..the teal, blue, mint shades are just my favourite and since this autumn weather here has been so warm I’ve been in a spring time mood.  I just bought some gorgeous mint bedlinen that I just fell in love with and of course now I feel the urge to redo the whole room.  Well one step at a time anyway.  I do love whites on my bed but with winter coming (when I’m not sure lol) I’m so happy to look in my bedroom door and see this happy jolt of colour.

And then I focused on that gorgeous birdhouse lamp.  It is a DIY project on this website .

It got me thinking about how often I see the house or birdhouse for popping up in things from lamps, bedheads and  wall mounted shelves.

Yes I think it is a continuing trend that can be interpreted in many ways and in all styles of rooms.

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