Trend Watch.. Mounted Animal Heads

paper mache animal heads


What do you think about faux animal heads in the nursery??

This trends for faux taxidermy has been in fashion for a few years in the interiors world that I’m surprised it is still going strong.

And it’s adaption into children’s and nursery design has been growing.  I searched for mounted animal heads while doing this design board last year and struggled to find many.  Now you can do a search on google or etsy and there is no shortage of different animals and styles to be found.

animal heads paper mache

deer heads in the nursery


This understated nursery incorporates the deer heads into the design in an unassuming way. It incorporates the trend without making it the feature.

These cute guys below are a quirky way to bring the style into kids spaces but make more of a statement.

paper mache animal heads

felt animal heads for children's rooms


I suppose the most child friendly looking ones are these felt style heads.  I guess they just have a more child like feel to them which would appeal to a lot of mums to be.

I think they are quite cute but i think my personal faces are the paper macho style..I think I’d even like some in my office/studio.

felt mounted animal heads for kids

felt animal heads


But when I asked my four year old what he thought..he wasn’t a fan.  Scary was his verdict.  But he also doesn’t like his black chevron curtains because he thinks they look like scary teeth :0

So maybe its all fine while they are tiny babies but be warned you may need to remove later if your little one doesn’t like eyes watching him while he sleeps.

Got to love their imagination!!

You can find all these photos and their sources as well as lots more on my Animal Heads pinterest board.  

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