A baby is coming… Maternity break

Baby belly pics..not long now.

Its the last day of the year,

Well I’m not sure if you all realise but I have a baby coming very soon..in fact this year has gone so fast its just really crept up and now we only have about 4 weeks to go. So i guess I will need to think about closing the shop for at least a couple of weeks probably from the 20th January- 10th Feb.

I’ve been sharing a few snaps of my growing belly on instagram. Are you on instagram?? Its my favourite social media and I share lots of customer feedback shots, products and also everyday life because I think its just a more personal forum.  You can find me here.

So we have finally officially packed up the sewing room and are making the transition into a nursery.  Its finally starting to seem real!!  So there will be some quilts and items that may not be available for a while as I will be taking a break from doing the sewing myself…mainly the blue and the yellow elephant quilts.   I will be transitioning over to focusing on selling the designs that I’ve been having made up for me in Indonesia…so really most of your favourite designs will still be available especially our new mint elephant range and our Teepee ranges.

This is the only way that I can keep things going while still have Campbell to look after and also baby number 2.  So I’m sorry to disappoint the many of you who write asking for me to custom make things or to remake older items that you find on pinterest.

I also have a lot in store for the new year too to expand the ranges so hopefully we will have lots of new things to see soon and launch by April.

I also want to take this time to thank you for your support of Alphabet Monkey and helping me create this tiny business that has allowed me to let my creative design juices flow and allow me to run a business and contribute to my family whilst still being able to be home with them.  I really am lucky and couldnt ask for a better arrangement .

So on that note..i wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that 2015 will be a great year for all of us..one that gives us new opportunities to grow and experience life at whatever point you are at.



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