Pregnancy Pics

Family maternity shoot


So its only a matter of days to countdown till baby number 2 joins us and I really wanted to get some family baby belly pics this time as I didn’t do anything like that first time around.   We are having some professional family photos taken when the baby is born so  we just decided to get get down the beach and do some ourselves.  So with hubby and mum on some cameras we snapped away and  hoped for the best.. i thought surely we will get at least one shot we love.

And we did..the one above is my favourite.  And I was so happy to have just a know that I didn’t have my eyes closed for or pull weird and funny faces in..I can see why my supermodel career didn’t work out..hehe.  I’m a shocker as I feel so self conscious in front of the camera.

Cam and belly shoot



I had announced that I had closed my online stores for a maternity wait for baby and welcome it to the family. Well due to a promotion with website mummyfashionblogger  I have left the store open however any items purchased will not ship till mid feb. We are giving away a $100 voucher for people following us on instagram and here at the blog.  There are also other great prizes to win.

Anyway back to the whole baby business…it is exciting times especially as we didn’t really think we would have another ( not getting any younger).  But it is a welcome change of direction for us and we are getting excited and I am so happy about the age gap between Campbell and the baby too..5 years.  I don’t know how you ladies do it with multiple baby/toddlers on the go. Although we are going back to baby ground zero!!! Surely it will all be easier second time around..haha famous last words..I don’t want to jinx myself!!





So I will still be posting on both my instagram accounts but I will have one more for business now showing Alphabet monkey products and nursery inspiration with the other my personal account. Feel free to join me on either.

So back to the photos..I highly recommend just getting out there and grabbing some snaps whether you get a friend or family member to take some..get them to snap away like the paparazzi and I’m sure you will get a couple where you all look good..or at least you look good!!

Cause as having kids really reminds you, these moments are all so fleeting we need to capture them before they slip away.


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