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When I first started Alphabet Monkey nearly five years ago I made a whale quilt.  Little did I think that all this time later that I would still be getting requests for it.  I guess a nautical vibe in the nursery never goes out of style.

There has been many incarnations of that original whale quilt and now we are bringing it back with a fresh geometric edge.

This item has been handmade to my design specifications by my fantastic sewers in Indonesia. Our fabrics are screen printed by hand with environmentally safe seaweed gels from Japan.

Our quilt has a layer of cuddly 100% cotton batting sewn in-between the top patchwork layer and the bottom fabric layer.  What makes this a true quilt and not just a blanket as such is that it is then ‘quilted’ together..which means it is sewn around all the squares and borders holding all three layers in place.  You will feel that this has a slightly heavier feel than some quilts..it allows it to feel cuddly and settle around your body.  We prefer this natural batting to synthetic ones as it allows it to breathe avoiding that sweaty feeling.

You can find out more about our processes and our products on our About Page.. we hope this helps explain how we make and price our product.

We expect the whale quilts to arrive in late April so we have opened up preorders.  I’m sure as usual this will be a popular choice.

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