Winter in Bali…

balicollageHi everyone,

For those of you who may not realise, I have escaped the cold and am spending the rest of winter in Bali.  Yep packed up the family and off we went.

Its always been my dream to escape the cold every year but this is the first time I’ve made it happen..six mth old baby and all.  So while the business is continuing and your parcels will ship as normal, I will be working and posting from a cool little business hub in the coastal village of Canggu in Bali.

It’s nice just hanging out..living like a local.  We have rented a friends beautiful villa, Villa Stari and we definitely think we could get used to this.  The area has a very lay back vibe, we back onto rice paddy fields and my son plays with the local kids. It is very different from the Bali you may have experienced if you have only been to Kuta and the main tourist locations.

You can follow me on my personal Instagram @nicole.nicol and I hope to share a few of my experiences on here as well as some family friendly information that may help you on your next trip.





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