First Thanksgiving Bum-pkins..its a thing

Bumpkin.. cute first thanksgiving ideasOk so something happened while I was searching pinterest for new thanksgiving baby images to add to my newborn baby picture board.

I kept coming across images of little babies with their bottoms painted orange with a little green sprout in the middle of their crack to look like pumpkins. My son and I thought this was hilarious..and wondered why are people doing this to their children?

Then I found tutorials on how to do it and wondered, do people really need instruction how to paint a bottom orange?  Followed by the questions, who really wants to take a picture of their baby with an orange bottom??    Well the answer is loads of people..what do I know , I am an Aussie  after all.

So I finally figured out it is a tradition to create a pumpkin looking artwork by using your babys’ bum to commemorate their first Thanksgiving.  I had to say I was relieved to discover there was a purpose to all this bottom painting.

Is it just me..have you heard of this before?

So tell me..if you are American ..is this really a popular thing to do

So if you are clueless to this whole thing I’ve collected a whole lot of pins relating to bumpkins and creating a framed keepsake on our pinterest board First Thanksgiving Ideas , so you can get in on the bum painting action too.

Cute first Thanksgiving ideas www.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Living in Australia we grow up with all the holiday traditions being backwards.  Christmas is in summer yet we grew up with the traditional of hot dinners and pudding and imagery of snow. Easter and it’s springtime imagery is experienced here in Autumn.

Admittedly we don’t really have any traditions for autumn or fall as they call it.  But I must say I do love the imagery I’ve seen of the colours of fall and the pumpkins which coincide with both Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Images of kids dressed as turkeys, with pumpkins or going for their first trip to the pumpkin patch. It makes me wish I could experience all the holidays with the seasons we grew up believing matched it.

It’s always a bit of fun to theme a photoshoot to create a keepsake for all of babies firsts… and you can see more on our First Thanksgiving Ideas board


Cute first thanksgiving ideas www.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Mummy mummy please don’t cook me..hehe. Check out the one on our board of the the bub who is literally about to go into the oven. Got a love a sense of humour.


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