How to become a brand rep..

brand rep tips for the baby brand industry

Are you keen to be a brand rep?

We love to see beautiful photography of your babies and little people with our baby blankets and bedlinen. Most brands love this and many choose brand reps to help them to gather more imagery and content to share on their websites and social media channels.

Want to know what a brand looks for when looking for reps?? 

Primarily what most brands look for in a rep is someone who loves their product and is keen to share it with the world and their friends.   It might be great to get some free product but to keep the relationship going with your brand it’s easier if you are an actual fan or even already are a customer. And are you able to provide back regular feedback and images to help them promote the product?

  • An essential part is being able to take images that will be useful to the brand.  You don’t have to be a professional but having a good eye to capture your little one but also to show a product or clothes at their best is most useful for a brand to share.
  • Make sure your photos are in focus and light. While we love to see your photos whatever quality they are, if you want brands to use them they must be light bright and in focus..I know that seems obvious but sometimes we forget.   Also you can edit it in your phone or on Instagram using their edit tools to lighten and sharpen. Make sure you use them to make your photo look its best.
  • Try to ensure that their product is not in an image with a competitor. Sometimes this can work and others not. One sure fire way to get the brand to notice it is if their product is the feature and shown in its best light.
  • If you are posting photos of your baby or kids showing clothes from your favourite brand or with a blanket or little toys make sure you tag them so they see it.  A lot of people just mention the brands insta name in the comment but if the brand gets lots of like and comments yours will just get lost and the brand may not see it.  Its better to go to the TAG photo option and look up their name. That way it comes up to them under images of them and doesn’t go away.  Or add their brand hashtag..our is #amonkeymoment.  Did you know we give away a $50 voucher every month to someone with a photo tagged ..unfortunately many of our customers don’t get seen and miss out bc they forget to tag this in their comment.
  • You don’t have a big following?  Don’t worry not all brands are relying on you to have a huge following on social media.  It’s really more about getting new and fresh images of their product being used out there in the world.  So as long as you have nice images you would be in with a chance.
  • Oh and another thing.. your account needs to be public. The brand won’t be able to see any images you tag if your account is private.  Or be able to see the kind of photos you take to choose you.  Although personally I’m happy to receive imagery that you are happy for me to use even if your account is private.
  • Lastly, your little one may be the cutest thing since sliced bread but remember, having a cutie is lovely but its more about the way you can show the product than whether your baby is the cutest. Its not a cute baby competition at all so don’t take it too personally if you don’t get selected. It’s mostly about the need for brands to connect with customers and to create new content for that all consuming beast called social media.

Photo Ideas

Looking down… little feet in blankets, chubby legs, little ones playing or sleeping from above is one of the most popular.  Here are some examples I just quickly pulled up to share.

I love this little newbie all wrapped up in one of our newborn baby blankets.  Isn’t it the sweetest and we were so grateful to have this moment shared with us.

baby blanket by alphabet Monkey

Here are a few more ideas below..you can share your products alone in the nursery or with your little one with it.  This is where its important to make sure your images are light and bright and ready to share. Or how about bub using them or even an unwrapping.

Baby crib bedding by alphabet monkey

There are so many ways to share your favourite brands so I hope you can use some of my tips to become a brand rep for your favourite small brand if thats what you are hoping to do.

What if my fave brand never runs brand rep searches??

Well let me tell you just because they don’t run a competition or a search doesn’t mean they aren’t looking to collaborate with fans of their brand.

You can take on all the tips we’ve given above plus just interact with the brand. It’s a persona behind the business and sometimes they are too busy to organise these tings..hand up here. I’m always interested to see the photos from my customers and have definitely made some informal arrangements to exchange product for imagery but to the right people.  Not the ones who write and just say , hi want to collaborate? I’d totally be more open to it from someone I’ve heard of before who knows our product and who I may have had conversations with online in the past.

So don’t be afraid to contact them personally and say how and why it would be a great idea to collaborate and you’l find people are keen to hear you out.


Alphabet Monkey Rep Search is On NOW

I have never had a Brand Rep search before but we do have some that have developed organically as I mentioned above. But today we are going launch an official search for more little monkeys to join our ranks and take lots of cute photographs.  I can’t wait!  

If you are interested in joining us,  all you need to do is share some of your best images by hashtagging them  #brandrepmonkey.

If you haven’t had your baby yet that is fine..show us your photography skills or message us.  We will be primarily be looking for newbies as we have our new ranges or blankets to share in the nordic winter and bunny print.  We will also offer a great discount if they want to buy other items too.  You will however be expected to share or at least send to us usable imagery week.

Entries close June 1.

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