Greenery, nursery trend and the colour of 2017

So have you noticed a lot of green around this year.. lets look at green in children’s nursery design.

Personally I think it takes a bit of time to see the Pantone colour of the year seep into our surroundings.  But again it also depends on whether you are looking at fashion, kids products or interiors too.

I have noticed a lot of green popping up, just as we mentioned in our nursery trends post recently and I think its heavily linked to the resurgence of indoor plants and also the continuing trend for the cactus which we first spoke about here over two years ago.

I think that wallpaper is a great way to introduce it but check out this awesome built in bed….all painted in a beautiful emerald shade..all that storage!!  Its a very simple space and yet its made the main piece of furniture such a feature.

You could do this at home with a selected chair or dresser.

greenery, pantone colour of the year in kids interiors

And how about more of an olive…mmm LOVE! Especially with that touch of butterscotch which is also very popular right now paired with pink..(but thats another blog post).

Greenery, the pantone colour of the year in kids interiors.

A few shades of green here with a modern mountain vibe. What a tree house!! Any kid would love this room thats for sure.

You can check out more inspiring images to give you ideas for decorating your kids room on my pinterest board here.

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