Newborn Photography Trend- Floral

Newborn Baby Photography Trend - Floral

I love to stay on the look out for great newborn baby photo ideas for you and I’ve noticed a beautiful trend in newborn baby photography…the use of flowers and other natural elements particularly in  floral crowns and rings.

I thought I’d share some here and as always I have plenty of inspiration as well as the sources on my pinterest boards HERE
Newborn Baby Photography Trend - Floral

Whites and natural textures backgrounds are perfect for a serene baby image with a boho edge.
Newborn Baby Photography Trend - Floral

If you think flowers are too girly for your baby boy why not try just using foliage or darker dried branches or sticks, even fruit such as oranges or even pumpkins.  In this way the blooms or plants chosen can reflect the time of year baby was born.
Newborn Baby Photography Trend - Floral

Little flower crowns are popping up everywhere on newborn babies and look adorable. I wish I had thought to do this when Willow was tiny.
Newborn Baby Photography Trend - Floral

This is something you can have your photographer try for you or even have a go yourself. Make sure you have a well lit position near a window and maybe hand a white sheet or card to reflect light back to the side where the shadow falls on your baby.

Use textured fabrics for blankets, wraps or backgrounds as you can see in these examples  and then get creative with some flowers and greenery..trailing jasmine is perfect.  Then don’t forget to use easy apps on your phone to lighten your image till it looks its best.
Newborn Baby Photography Trend - Floral

Add a bit of colour or a contrasting background like the timber below.
Newborn Baby Photography Trend - Floral

You can even take one each month to create a gorgeous collection like the one below and watch baby grow.

There are so many opportunities to take cute memento photos of your baby. I definitely recommend getting some professional shots done but if thats not possible then have some fun yourself.

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