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A baby is coming… Maternity break

Baby belly pics..not long now.

Its the last day of the year,

Well I’m not sure if you all realise but I have a baby coming very soon..in fact this year has gone so fast its just really crept up and now we only have about 4 weeks to go. So i guess I will need to think about closing the shop for at least a couple of weeks probably from the 20th January- 10th Feb.

I’ve been sharing a few snaps of my growing belly on instagram. Are you on instagram?? Its my favourite social media and I share lots of customer feedback shots, products and also everyday life because I think its just a more personal forum.  You can find me here.

So we have finally officially packed up the sewing room and are making the transition into a nursery.  Its finally starting to seem real!!  So there will be some quilts and items that may not be available for a while as I will be taking a break from doing the sewing myself…mainly the blue and the yellow elephant quilts.   I will be transitioning over to focusing on selling the designs that I’ve been having made up for me in Indonesia…so really most of your favourite designs will still be available especially our new mint elephant range and our Teepee ranges.

This is the only way that I can keep things going while still have Campbell to look after and also baby number 2.  So I’m sorry to disappoint the many of you who write asking for me to custom make things or to remake older items that you find on pinterest.

I also have a lot in store for the new year too to expand the ranges so hopefully we will have lots of new things to see soon and launch by April.

I also want to take this time to thank you for your support of Alphabet Monkey and helping me create this tiny business that has allowed me to let my creative design juices flow and allow me to run a business and contribute to my family whilst still being able to be home with them.  I really am lucky and couldnt ask for a better arrangement .

So on that note..i wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that 2015 will be a great year for all of us..one that gives us new opportunities to grow and experience life at whatever point you are at.



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Campbells Black and White room

Campbells black and white room..bedlinen by Alphabet Monkey


Hi, today I thought I’d share some pictures of Campbells big boy room. As you can see we managed to just squeeze in his bunk bed behind the door. I like this as it means when you look in his door you don’t see the bed taking over the whole room..as it is pretty tiny.

As you can imagine there is no shortage of bedlinen combos here…Today have mixed up a lot of black and white prints from both of my Storm and Ashkii ranges to keep an on trend monochrome look.

Campbells black and white room www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

We kept it pretty simple with black, white and yellow.. as we had already installed the yellow retro style light fitting.  But as time has gone on we have added more colour..mainly from toys and things..its kind of impossible to keep those things out so you may as well work with it.

Campbells black and white room www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Teepee are very popular right now and they are a lot of fun for playing but also for resting and reading a book.  Campbell likes to surprise our dog Jasper who sneaks in here to have a little nap.  The little cane chair is actually one I had in my own room as a child.

Below is a super simple string line which we can peg up memories.

Campbells black and white room www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Campbells black and white room www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Mixing up the black and white raindrops and arrows and teepees.  This is actually the reverse of the Storm quilt.

Below are the super cute little runners given as a gift when he was born..too cute to part with.

Campbells black and white room  www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

This bunk is a lower than normal bunk. He sleeps up on top now but he was able to sleep on the bottom from when he was about two.  Now its a great place to read , play on the iPad etc.

The quilt on the bottom bunk is also the reverse to our Ashkii quilt cover..the one that features the green geometric print on the front.  So we can turn it over and mix things up whenever we feel like it.

Campbells black and white room www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Campbells black and white room www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Campbells room..I think this is the tidiest it had been in a long time.  I must confess I am one to just close the door and ignore the mess..there are better things to do I say.

You can find our cushions, bunting and bedlinen in our online store here.

Photography thanks to Jade Flores Photography.

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Our Bali trip.. our instagram snaps

balicollagebalicollage2Hello everyone,

Long time no see, well not unless we are instagram buddies that is.  I’ve been a bit slack over the last few months..firstly with morning sickness and pregnancy related issues, and then I just nipped off overseas for a few weeks.

Well firstly I’m so glad all that first trimester business has passed.  Not only do I get the usual nausea etc but I find myself struggling with depression and really low mood.  It makes me feel like I’m another person but I just had to keep reminding myself its the hormones and sure enough it passes as it did for my first pregnancy.  So all is great here now and I’m over the half way mark.

So what have I been up to??

Well we popped over to Bali to follow up on some production ideas for next year as I won’t be able to travel again for a while. Campbell, my mum and I spent two weeks last month in Seminyak and Nusa Dua, Bali.  I thought I would share some of my instagram snaps with you here.  You can join us on instagram here.

So what do I have in store… well very soon I’ll show you the new colour way of the elephant quilts in mint and grey and we should open preorders by the end of the month.  I hope they will be available to ship before Xmas. I am still making myself some of the yellow and blue elephants but in limited amounts.

We also have some baby jumpsuits, cot size quilt covers and a new colour combo in the Ashkii teepee range coming in 2015.

October also marks the 4th birthday of Alphabet Monkey so to give you the heads up..we may be having a birthday sale and we will be having some giveaways on Facebook and on instagram so be sure you follow us on there too.



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Guess what???

Our baby news ..blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au


Firstly I’m sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately but as you can see I have got a good excuse.

Yes thats our news…we are expecting and I’m 13 weeks along.  It was just over 13 weeks ago when I was on the flight home from Bali, I was nursing my friends baby ..a tiny 9 week old so she could wrangle the two year old.  He just slept the whole time and I quietly wondered to myself if I would ever have a baby this tiny of my own again.  Especially as Campbell is just so big now you just wonder where that baby went.

Well the universe answered and I was pregnant about a week later..not that I knew it for another 5 weeks.

So here I am with another adventure ahead of me. New plans to make.  Not that I had been feeling like making plans.. I was nauseous a lot and then came the waves of depression.  Some days I just wondered why I even bothered with Alphabet Monkey and I always had to keep reminding myself that I won’t feel this way forever.  And I don’t…I am already starting to feel a lot better and more like myself again.

So its onwards and upwards.. we have stock to organise and design, I’m off again to Bali in September and the sewing room is going to have to give way to a new nursery….and best of all winter is nearly over.

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Another milestone..thank you!

5000 Facebook


Hello all,

I just realised how long it had been since I last touched base with you all so I’m super sorry about the total silence on my end.

To tell you the truth I had still been trying to wrangle it all out with the new ranges and all and trying to just relax and realise that things always take longer than you anticipate.  I’m not so good at waiting and as it turns out neither are a lot of you..hehe.

So we have our samples and are in the process of getting some pics ready for the preorder in the next week.  Still to finalise a date for first round of product to drop but all good.

I’ve also been feeling a bit under the weather, it seems to get everyone at this time of year doesn’t it. These are the times when I am so grateful that I work from home.

So I guess as you can see by the image, todays news is that we have made 5000 on our Facebook page.  It’s kind of funny to think that we have made such a milestone..and in our own time.  I always figured it was better to have people follow who were actually interested in what you do rather that just get big numbers so thats what we have done over the past nearly 4 years..just plodded along at our own pace.

I am always amazed with the feedback and support that has allowed this little business to grow, to change my life and help me active dreams I never realised would actually be in reach.  Just to make enough to work 100% from home was a dream I couldn’t imagine realising a few years back yet here we are.  It’s not for everyone but its right for me.

And we are right on the edge of a whole new beginning..lots of exciting things happening this year that I can’t wait to share with you..pictures to come very soon I promise.

And thanks again for all your support..I feel very grateful x

PS Have you ever wanted to start your own creative business or work from home?  Would you like me to share some of my lessons and experiences with you?

Let me know and I will do some posts on this in the future.

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Hello May…

bali holiday 2014


Hello everyone,

This year seems to be flying by ..I can’t believe it is May already.

I mentioned in a previous post that I was headed off overseas so here I am back again.  Cam and I had an enjoyable time (in between his meltdowns but hey thats normal isn’t it))..and I’m struggling to get my head around the fact that its nearly winter. Well actually it pretty much feels like its here coming from the tropical heat.

I thought I would share some of my holiday instagram snaps..are you already on instagram??  Personally I love it and am totally addicted to it.  I must say that I’ve actually met up with a few people through instagram and have made some great insta buddies on there too.  I actually travelled with someone I met through it last year and we actually met up with another few girls who happened to be in Bali at the same time.  I LOVE THAT!

You can join me here or search for me at nicole_alphabetmonkey or link the little camera icon at the top right of this page.

Don’t forget you can tag any photo that has any of our products in it with #alphabetmonkey so we can see it and share it.  Although if your account is private i may not be able to see it..but you can always send it in a personal message to me too.

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The High Tea Fundraiser…catch up

Wow it’s November already..I really can’t believe how quickly the year has gone by for me this year. I guess we all say that every year but this year it really has.

Now I have been a bit slack by not sharing how my High Tea Fundraiser for the McGrath Foundation went.  The quilts sold straight away so I was pleased with that and then I just had to focus on getting the day happening.

Here is a pic of the lovely Shar from Le Decorateur styling up the back deck area of my house.  We wanted to turn it into something special.



And I think we succeeded. Everyone drank from vintage tea cups collected from all around the place and enjoyed the pretty cakes and food served up on vintage platters among vintage lace tablecloths.



The beautiful floral works were donated by Shar who created gorgeous displays in vintage cake tins and teapots. People ended up buying them and taking them home at the end of the day.

She did such a great job and is definitely in the right field. If you live in the Illawarra she does do styling and decorating workshops.


The girls enjoying the get together with me and testing out my gorgeous pastel teacups. And below Campbell was the only little man..he told me I had to share my girl party with him cause he does love a party..just a little disappointed that no candles were involved. but i’m sure the lollies made up for that.


So in the end we all had a fantastic day , we had some games and raffles and in the end I was amazed to raise just over $900 on the day. I was quite stunned..as added with the previously donated money and the sale of my quilts it came to a total of over $1560. People were so generous.

Everyone loved the styling and was already looking forward to next year so we will be doing it all again but thinking even bigger.

I have had a very busy month with Alphabet Monkey and thinking about where we are headed for the future as well as trying to get out some new designs. I hope to have some more for you soon.

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Pink Quilt Update….


Here is your sneak peek at the two pink quilts I have been working on for the my High Tea fundraiser for the McGrath Foundation.
There will be more pics to come and I am very excited that they have turned out so pretty. I’m sure they will go to the home of a regular Alphabet Monkey supporter.

So they will be open for bidding on Thursday Oct 3rd at 8pm EST. I will have an album on my facebook page so that my facebook and blog friends can have first option. If they do not reach the min normal retail price  (180) they will go onto etsy where I’m sure they will be snapped up by one of the many people who always ask if I can make something pink. I want to make sure we make the full amount possible as it is all going to a good cause and since they are one of a kind quilts I hope we may even get a bit more.

BuntingByDesign Garden Partay Design Bunting By Design


We will also have some bunting which has been generously donated by Jules and Gem of Bunting by Design in Perth. They heard about what we were doing and offered some gorgeous bunting to either auction or raffle off and are also lending us some bunting (like that pictured above) to use to decorate our High Tea party. They do offer a bunting rental service on Etsy which is such a great idea and they also make up custom bunting too. You can see their shop here

I’ve never really done any kind of fundraising event before but I must say I have been genuinely surprised by the offers of help and the unexpected generosity.

For example my father is involved with the local fishing club and they had an urn we could use for on the day.  When he went to see about getting it and casually mentioned what it was for they immediately offered to add $100 to the collection.  I thought that was lovely.

We have also had Kat of the ultra cool Chuck and Taz (coolest pram liners going) donate $100.  And of course my own family ..thanks mum!!

My local Domayne store at Warrawong is kindly donating some high tea related goodies to raffle on the day.

And if you have been with me on Instagram you will also see the vintage tea cups I have collected up, we have Sharlene from Le Decorateur  styling up a storm, family baking up a high tea feast..so I am hoping for a fantastic day.


I will keep you posted but if breast cancer has touched you in some way and you would like to contribute any amount at all, you can go to my online fundraising account here.

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High Tea and two pink quilts….

high tea fundraiser

Hi all,
I’m sure you may be aware that next month is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

This year the McGrath Foundation is (in addition to their signature High Tea functions) asking us to think about hosting our own high tea to raise money for the foundation. It’s the first time they are doing it and I thought it would be fun way to get involved with because I think most of us know someone who has been touched by this illness. It’s also a great way to get lots of people together, all in the name of a good cause.

So in honour of this commitment I am designing and making two special quilts which will be in pink…..yes I did say pink. One is a cloud quilt and one is an elephant quilt and I am planning to auction them on Facebook and pass on the entire retail price to my fundraising efforts.

They are both going to be one of a kind..one only..don’t ask me to make another because I won’t till next year when we will do some pink again. I will show some sneak peeks soon on facebook too and let you know the details of how to bid. Minimum price will be the $180 retail price.

I hope to raise money on the day as well but if you feel like adding something to the cause you can donate to my High Tea here

Or you can purchase merchandise here

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I’m back…

bali holiday

Hello all,

Just a short note to let you know that I am back and to also share a little snapshot of some of my favourite instagram holiday pics.

We had a lovely time and although we had a flight delay on the way home it is nice to be settled back at home. It’s always nice to come home to your own bed and the weather is so great here we still feel a bit in holiday mode.

I will be assessing where I’m at and what I will be making for the next few months and will reopen the shop probably on wednesday…I just wanted to say hi to you guys first.

Hope you have all been keeping well and enjoyed Fathers Day yesterday and I’ll see you again soon.


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