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Newborn Photography Trend- Floral

Newborn Baby Photography Trend - Floral

I love to stay on the look out for great newborn baby photo ideas for you and I’ve noticed a beautiful trend in newborn baby photography…the use of flowers and other natural elements particularly in  floral crowns and rings.

I thought I’d share some here and as always I have plenty of inspiration as well as the sources on my pinterest boards HERE
Newborn Baby Photography Trend - Floral

Whites and natural textures backgrounds are perfect for a serene baby image with a boho edge.
Newborn Baby Photography Trend - Floral

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How to become a brand rep..

brand rep tips for the baby brand industry

Are you keen to be a brand rep?

We love to see beautiful photography of your babies and little people with our baby blankets and bedlinen. Most brands love this and many choose brand reps to help them to gather more imagery and content to share on their websites and social media channels.

Want to know what a brand looks for when looking for reps?? 

Primarily what most brands look for in a rep is someone who loves their product and is keen to share it with the world and their friends.   It might be great to get some free product but to keep the relationship going with your brand it’s easier if you are an actual fan or even already are a customer. And are you able to provide back regular feedback and images to help them promote the product?

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Birth Announcement Cuties 2

This months birth announcement idea has a bit of an American edge with the baseball and all but  you could use this idea with other objects.

And don’t know about you but I’m loving the new iPhone with its portrait setting..it would allow you to take something like this at home.  It automatically blurs the background ..its super easy and it makes you look like a bit of a pro.

I’m obsessed with using it on my personal Insta account..I know you will love it.

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Babys’ First Xmas Photo Competition

Babys First Christmas photo competition www.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Pinning all these adorable and creative Christmas Newborns photos has gotten me inspired.  I don’t have a baby to play with anymore but I know a lot of you do so lets get creative!!


  1. Photograph your little one in a Christmas theme flatlay or photo (age up to 2 but sibling pics are welcome too)

2. Upload it to Instagram or email it to us at hello@alphabetmonkey.com.au

3. Hashtag your snap #amonkeyxmas 

4.  Done!! Now you are in the running to win a $100 Alphabet Monkey voucher

5. We will announce a winner on December 29..that way you have a chance to create your photo over      the holiday period too.

babes first Xmas photo competition www.alphabetmonkey.com.au #babyphotography #babyfirstchristmas

Babys' First Xmas photography Ideas www.alphabetmonkey.com.au #newbornphotography #firstxmas #babyfirstchristmas

Baby First Christmas photo www.alphabetmonkey.com.au


We have plenty of inspiration for you pinned on our Pinterest board Babys First Christmas.

There are a few themes happening including the use of the following..some are simple and some more elaborate but it doesn’t take much to give it a go.

  1. Christmas lights
  2. Candy canes
  3. Santa hats
  4. Under the tree
  5. In a stocking
  6. Cute little hats..see reindeer one above
  7. Christmas tree baubles

And don’t be put off by the fact that many of these are from professional photographers..here are a few tips to getting the perfect pic.

-try to find a nice well lit location preferably natural light

-try to just get a clear in focus shot

– why not lay out an unwrinkled blanket or some Xmas themed paper or table cloth for a back drop and lay the baby onto it.

– don’t forget you can edit in Instagram itself to lighten your picture and  sharpen it or add any filters.

–  just have some fun.


Babys First Christmas photography Ideas and comp www.alphabetmonkey.com.au


Love this idea for a sibling shot.

Good luck and have a lot of fun.. hopefully you will get some cute pics to keep of your little ones.



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AM loves.. first Christmas newborn photo ideas

First Christmas Newborn photo ideas www.alphabetmonkey.com.au #annegeddes #newbornbabypics #reindeerbaby


Wake up people!!!! Its the first of December!!

There’s no denying that Christmas is well and truly around the corner, 24 days in fact. I’m not even going to ask if you have started shopping yet. We are planning to put the tree up tonight and make it a bit of special fun.

So its time to bring out the Christmas posts to get you all feeling in the fun spirit..it’s so much more fun with kids.

I may be showing my age but when I was a kid I remember Anne Geddes was hugely popular. Dressing up newborn babies as all manner of creatures, her images were on cards, diaries, calendars … everywhere!!

I came across this cutie while compiling my latest pinterest board full of cute little christmas newbies.  While design your babe as a reindeer may be a little beyond your capabilities ..there are so many cute ideas that I’m sure you could try yourself or when you have that newborn photo session.

I’m going to share a few more over the coming weeks till Christmas but you can head over and see the board on my pinterest page HERE.   And you will find lots of other cute photo ideas and nursery decorating inspiration.

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AM Loves.. first thanksgiving baby photo

Alphabet Monkey Loves.. first thanksgiving newborn photography

Alphabet Monkey loves… this adorable baby first thanksgiving photo.

We love this little pumpkin.. celebrating all of babys’ firsts is a fun thing to do with each one having its own theme. you can also see your little one grow and collect the images together when they are older.

Although we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia we have many American friends and customers and we wish them the very best.

We have found so many ideas for babys’ first thanksgiving and have collected them for you on our Pinterest board HERE.

Or if you are thinking ahead for Christmas you will love our First Christmas Ideas for photographing your baby. See it HERE.

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First Thanksgiving Bum-pkins..its a thing

Bumpkin.. cute first thanksgiving ideasOk so something happened while I was searching pinterest for new thanksgiving baby images to add to my newborn baby picture board.

I kept coming across images of little babies with their bottoms painted orange with a little green sprout in the middle of their crack to look like pumpkins. My son and I thought this was hilarious..and wondered why are people doing this to their children?

Then I found tutorials on how to do it and wondered, do people really need instruction how to paint a bottom orange?  Followed by the questions, who really wants to take a picture of their baby with an orange bottom??    Well the answer is loads of people..what do I know , I am an Aussie  after all.

So I finally figured out it is a tradition to create a pumpkin looking artwork by using your babys’ bum to commemorate their first Thanksgiving.  I had to say I was relieved to discover there was a purpose to all this bottom painting.

Is it just me..have you heard of this before?

So tell me..if you are American ..is this really a popular thing to do

So if you are clueless to this whole thing I’ve collected a whole lot of pins relating to bumpkins and creating a framed keepsake on our pinterest board First Thanksgiving Ideas , so you can get in on the bum painting action too.

Cute first Thanksgiving ideas www.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Living in Australia we grow up with all the holiday traditions being backwards.  Christmas is in summer yet we grew up with the traditional of hot dinners and pudding and imagery of snow. Easter and it’s springtime imagery is experienced here in Autumn.

Admittedly we don’t really have any traditions for autumn or fall as they call it.  But I must say I do love the imagery I’ve seen of the colours of fall and the pumpkins which coincide with both Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Images of kids dressed as turkeys, with pumpkins or going for their first trip to the pumpkin patch. It makes me wish I could experience all the holidays with the seasons we grew up believing matched it.

It’s always a bit of fun to theme a photoshoot to create a keepsake for all of babies firsts… and you can see more on our First Thanksgiving Ideas board


Cute first thanksgiving ideas www.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Mummy mummy please don’t cook me..hehe. Check out the one on our board of the the bub who is literally about to go into the oven. Got a love a sense of humour.


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Birth Announcement Kit

So I have been looking around and putting together some small brands and cute products that you might love for your nursery when I came across this awesome custom birth announcement kit.

I originally visited The Timba Trend online store as I have followed on Instagram for ages and I know they make amazing stools, shelves and all kinds of items that are often spotted in stylish nurseries online.

But when I visited I found something I wasn’t expecting.  The cutest birth announcement kit that can be customised especially for you.  Now I just knew that you would LOVE this idea because everytime we post or pin some new birth announcement picture ideas you just go cray cray!!

Baby birth announcement kit www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

The idea came to the team at The Timba Trend after they made their own set for their newborn son and shared the picture above.  Of course everyone wanted one and so the idea to add it to the shop was born.   It’s such a cute set that you can then reuse by decorating with the name plaque (made in a collab with another great store Zilvi) in the  nursery and you can take the removable letter and number stickers off the block so baby can play with them.   Thats all after you create your own special photograph to remember how tiny they are..because it just flies by so quickly!! Yep cliche but true.

Baby birth announcement kits featured on www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

I love the mint and white with the soft timber shades but there are plenty of colours to choose from.

The blocks also look really stylish stacked on your shelves while you wait for bub to be old enough to play with them.

Need some more baby birth announcement inspiration?  You can check out our previous posts on the topic here, here and here.



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A Birth Announcement Idea You Will Love..

Jagger Birth Announcement by Erin Michaels


Do you remember when we first posted this cool birth announcement photograph? Well everyone loved it and after we pinned it, it kinda went a bit viral. I had people asking me questions about it from all over the world.  Crazy stuff!!

Anyway back to the the story…..

Seeing that so many people loved little Jaggers photo and were keen to recreate something for their own child led Erin Micheal, (the stylist behind this ) to release an app that can help you create your own version in just minutes.

And the best thing about the birth announcement app is you don’t even have to go to all the trouble of setting up props and hoping baby will co-operate.  You can just add any photo you have into one of the templates. DONE!!

Imagine sending something as cool as this out to your family and friends after your baby is born.  Or  get some cards printed and write thank you for your baby gifts.

The other really cool thing is that you can make one up for your older kids than might have missed out.

Birth App feature on the blog www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Birth announcement app template..featured on the blog www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Birth App template for birth announcements on the blog www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Birth app templates for baby announcements.on the blog www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au


I had a go at creating my own photograph when Willow was born (pictured below) and also tried to give you some tips on how to DIY it for your little one in a blog post here.

But now that the birth app is available I’d highly recommend you check it out as its just so super easy.  Especially if you’re not the naturally creative type.. umm or just too tired from last of sleep!!

Willows birth announcement .. www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Want more ideas.. check out our birth announcement photograph ideas board on pinterest HERE.


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