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Capturing Precious Memories

Family pics by Jade Flores Photography

Newborn Photography Session

I did plan to share these pictures with you over the weekend being Mothers Day and all but you know I was just enjoying the weekend..  It was my first Mothers Day as a mother of 2..something I never really imagined but now I can’t imagine it being any other way. We had some pictures framed as gifts and they came up so well.. we are so glad that we went ahead with having our family photos taken with Jade Flores Photography.  Time goes so fast and we are already looking at these photos and seeing how much Willow has grown.

family portraits by Jade Flores Photography

Family portraits by Jade Flores Photography

Family portraits by Jade Flores Photography

Family portraits by Jade Flores Photography

Family Portraits by Jade Flores PhotographyI hope you all enjoyed your Mothers Day and possibly scored a sleep in or some brekky in bed..I did.  And if your little babe is yet to join you , well the excitement is still to come.

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How to create a cute Birth announcement

Girl birth announcement by www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au


You may have noticed the trend for photographic birth announcements using props and themes to style up a memorable keepsake.

Do you remember when I posted this black and white one a year ago??  It went crazy on Pinterest.    So I’ve set up a new ‘Cute Birth Announcements’ pinterest board to collect ideas for you as well as having created a couple myself using my new baby.

Its quite simple really, you can keep it as simple or as elaborate as you like.  If you don’t have the right props such as blocks or alphabet tiles for the name, or a weight or measuring tape like me,  you can just add them in after with a photo editing program. In fact I was a bit slack..I didn’t even add a calendar..but I’m sure you will be more organised than me.

I use Picmonkey to add words and icons which is free and super easy to use.

Willows birth announcement .. www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au


Just choose a nice background pattern of a blanket or sheet or just use white.  You can create a theme based around whatever you like by selecting a toy or shoes or little hats etc. Many people have taken scattered flowers around little girls and added other items like twigs for boys.   Try to place in a place with a lot of natural light .. I actually just stood on a chair and looked down over it and took the pic on my iPhone.  But of course if you have a better camera go for it.  If you have a strong shadow you could place a white board on the shaded side to reflect back the light.

You can then upload your pic and add names or other birth details and then you are done.  You can send out to friends and family via email or get them printed and be sure to add one to your baby box or album.

If you have a go I’d love to see them and add to my pinterest board.


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Birth Announcement ..super cute idea

birth announcement pic

How adorable is this photo of stylist Erin Michaels’ new little baby, Jagger.

What a super cute way to capture all those birth details in a single photo, cause I don’t know about you but I kind of don’t remember all that stuff now.

It would also be a great thing to do and to make some postcards out of to send to family and friends to announce the birth.

You may remember Erin from one of the ‘Block ‘ series. I thought she looked familiar when I saw her facebook page. She has been working as a stylist since she unveiled to the world her eye for design during the show , even working for a time at Real Living magazine.

There are also some lovely pics of her home if you want to head over to her facebook page here

We also have plenty more birth announcement ideas on our pinterest page here. Or you can check out my recent efforts with my baby girl here.


Newborn Photo Ideas

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