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Superhero feature..we made the front page at madeit.com

Good news today …..I was just informed that my superhero quilt is being featured on the front page of madeit.com as part of a patchwork finds feature.




I also have a superhero quilt in a lime green and navy colour combo…you can check out here.this Michael Miller superhero fabric is just so cool. I thought we could check out some other cool superhero finds.


Superhero wedding toppers or keepsakes from here


These great superhero dolls can be customised to your requirement like initials and hair colour to match your own little hero..too cute ..check them out at my Gigi doll


This Lisa Kaser print is available on etsy.

This gorgeous looking mask is available here

You can check out your very own custom cape here

And last but not least my favourite..from smalltricks. I think these little wings would be a winner with most little boys I know.



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Whales; new organic cotton whale fabric

So I have mentioned my love of the Birch range of organic cotton fabrics on here before. It has been sitting here patiently waiting to be made up into something dreamy but of course everything else keeps jumping the queue. I feel I am sneaking closer to starting a prototype so I thought I would share the fabric with you.




I will mix and match with other fabric that I have and I think that with a whale motif to match it should be quite cute. I also love the fabric that reminds me of the octopus weed (that’s we call it anyway ) .
These fabrics are all GOTS certified and use low impact dyes. I will probably make some that will be mixed with non organic fabrics but you will have the option to have an all organic product as well.


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On the sewing machine today..

so it’s not completely a new design but I haven’t made it for a long time. an order has prompted me to get going on some more nautical theme sailboat quilts in the ever popular red, white and blue.



so I will have a couple listed very soon ..sorry if I’m a bit slow getting things to the shop but it seems in the last couple of weeks since I’ve been back at work it just seems harder to get the time to get all the things done that I want to get done. I guess I will have just limit the shop to ready to ship items so I don’t get caught up with making up orders. I am trying to get a lot made up to use up the last of fabrics I have so I can move onto new designs.

this one below has some vintage nautical inspired fabric which my mum picked up from somewhere years ago and I thought it would be cute in a couple of quilts. I have also made up two cushions with it.



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Groovy guitars

The little guitar quilts featuring the Micheal Miller fabric ‘groovy guitar’ has been a pretty constant seller , popular with budding mini rock stars out there.
I am now trying to make up the last of the fabric into quilts and mix and match cushions so that they are ready to ship and I won’t be getting any more of the fabric..in fact I think it may be discontinued. you can find them here.


I now have a small amount in the lagoon colour way which is still quite strong and very fresh ..teal, black and lime. I have finished an order for a set and now have one listed and ready to ship in my etsy shop




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Organic Goodness

I hadnt really thought a lot about using organic cotton in my work until I came across Birch Fabrics and all their yummy designs. I have been wanting to introduce a few of their designs into my ranges but the main problem is I can’t really decide on which ones.


Birch fabrics came about when Cynthia Mann (of birch fabrics and fabricworm.com) decided to design and manufacture a range of quilting fabrics but felt strongly that it should be an environmentally responsible product. Despite coming up against a lot of opposition from manufacturers who said organic was just not viable..Cynthia trusted in her instincts that organic was the way for the future and went ahead. she is now happy to be a trailblazer in the field and imagines that larger more mainstream manufacturers will eventually follow.



The success of her fun and nostalgic ranges speak for themselves.
The cotton is milled and printed under strict guidelines set out by the GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard. it is 100% organic and even the dyes are low impact, free from leads and any harmful metals. This means that not only does the end user benefit but so does the community in which the cotton is grown by keeping harmful products out of the ecosystem

And the good news is that Birch Fabrics is offering 25% off all their organic fabrics to celebrate Earth Day..the sale ends next weekend….now I’d I could only decide on which ones to buy….


Check out their full range of designs here at birchfabrics.com or visit their online shop fabricworm


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Surfboard quilt in aqua and grey

Just finished this cute surfboard quilt in shades of aqua and grey. this is a colour combination I have primarily been using for my little cloud quilts but when asked if I could make one the same but with surfboards I thought why not???
And so this is the result…I usually make the surfboard quilts in stronger colour combos but I really like it and can imagine it with white wash timbers and rattan rugs for an understated beach vibe.






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More elephants…yes more

Well it seems like a long time in the making but the red and grey elephant quilt is finally done and listed. it has more red than I probably first anticipated but I think against a grey wall and otherwise neutral nursery the red will really lift it. I have enough fabric for one more so may try to make it with more grey..

so you may remember this original inspiration pic…….


to this..the final product.





you can find it here in my etsy shop.


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Feels like spring??

today there was certainly a feeling of springtime..except that here in Australia we are in autumn. So we are lapping up some late warm weather and enjoying every second..and hoping it will last over the Easter weekend.
have been finishing off an order with a distinctly happy spring feel and thought it appropriate to share. I just love this woodlands print.



I think this would be a great gift..a cot quilt and a little bassinet or pram quilt to match..looks cute together. I must make some to match the other quilts..lol..add it to the list!





fingers crossed for a lovely and sunny Easter for everyone



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