Our First Easter Egg Hunt

well, a very tired little boy has just gone to bed, exhausted from hunting down Easter eggs. We set up some eggs in the house this morning which was very exciting except cam was concerned about the big mess the Easter bunny had left behind with eggs everywhere on the floor.
then after a walk to collect some fresh croissants from our local baker we came back for brekky and then secretly set up an egg hunt for outside in the garden. It couldn’t have gone better..so rewarding just watching his excitement…it was a very long hunt as we had to keep hiding them as he was having such a ball..lol






I thought it might be cool to have an Easter theme family pic but discovered that its easier said than done with a two year old and a dog who don’t like to sit still. now that I look at the pics though I think it probably says more than a perfect one would have anyway……what do you think??



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Happy Easter

no matter what Easter means to you it is a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends..and I think that no matter what your beliefs it never hurts to reflect on life and what you are grateful for. it helps you appreciate the things that really matter in your life. wishing you all the best for the things that matter to you xxx

Happy Easter


images via the lovely shops on etsy check it out here

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Easter baking..

We decided to do a spot of baking so dad could have something yummy when he got back from surfing. After much tipping of eggs into the flour and then into the sugar, and then tipping the sugar into the egg box etc..you can see where I’m headed here can’t you…..well they kind of turned out even if the ingredients may not have been exactly the right amounts.


we have been trying to get him ready for the Easter bunny but he’s not really getting it. I got out some Easter eggs to put on the cakes and now he is getting the whole Easter eggs are chocolate connection. At least he will know what they are when he sees them now..lol. he was loving putting them on and then off the cakes..but I think he loved making a big mess with the icing the best..but it’s not the result it’s the time spent together isn’t it.


I hope he is excited tomorrow as I already am with the anticipation of hiding his eggs in the house and garden. it’s been a long time since we really did anything special at Easter so it’s nice to start some new traditions.. .its such a good age..this year is full of discoveries for him like Xmas and birthday presents and now the Easter bunny…it makes you see life in a new way.

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Feels like spring??

today there was certainly a feeling of springtime..except that here in Australia we are in autumn. So we are lapping up some late warm weather and enjoying every second..and hoping it will last over the Easter weekend.
have been finishing off an order with a distinctly happy spring feel and thought it appropriate to share. I just love this woodlands print.



I think this would be a great gift..a cot quilt and a little bassinet or pram quilt to match..looks cute together. I must make some to match the other quilts..lol..add it to the list!





fingers crossed for a lovely and sunny Easter for everyone



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Scandinavian Nursery Style

Scandinavian style nursery

What a striking and stylish scandinavian nursery ..I just had to share it with you. Loving the modern design and the mix of textures from the rustic wooden steps to the soft woolly rug. To upkeep this kind of minimal style I would definitely need a dedicated toy room as I feel like we are being overrun by toys lately.


The key to recreating this minimal scandi look in white is to add plenty of texture to create interest. Just as they have done here to add the softness of the sheepskin and also the texture and rustic feel of the timber step and black board.

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Style my Child feature, cloud trend

how exciting to discover we have been included on Style My Childs site today featuring a selection of delectable kids products with a cloud theme. I have that little cloud book holder (no 12) ..so totally cute.


If you haven’t seen Style my Child then you must check it out..it is an australian based website and blog dedicated to all things cool for kids. Behind the site is Sue Mundy, Sydney based mother of four, I don’t know how she does it..I have my hands full with one..lol
so anyway you can check it out here

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Nursery style..grey and yellow

I’ve been working on some styles that are featuring the in vogue color combo of grey and yellow, corn, lemon, citron …
yellow has been on the radar of designers for quite a few years now but I think there comes a point when the consumer is ready to accept and judging by these beautiful interiors many people are loving it and incorporating it into their homes. I have put together some beautiful interiors and how their color palettes can translate into a nursery.

firstly we have a softer version of the color palette followed by examples of nurseries..it gives a soft yet contemporary look. followed by a stronger heavier look with more black black and a strong yellow. You can see it used well in the last nursery where it has created a cutting edge look.









Photos via pinterest
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