Stay at our place


Introducing Villa Nanas ( indonesian for pineapple), our home away from home.

As you probably know we spend a fair bit of time in Bali, Indonesia following up on samples and production and of course escaping the winter….  I like to be hands on and ensure I’m fully aware of the conditions under which my fabrics are printed and products are made.

So if you have following our adventures on instagram you probably already know we have a little house in the up and coming trendy area of Canggu.  Its a quieter area known for surfing , awesome healthy and vegetarian food, yoga, young expat families, trendy young ones, hippies, digital nomads and rice paddies.

kids room at Villa Nanas

We mix some coastal boho chic in with some fun for the kids cause I know that just because you have kids doesn’t mean you don’t want to live with some style.

Villa Nanas , our Bali house in the fields . #tropicallinteriors #bohointeriors #bohobedroom.

We love the experience of living in the fields among the locals, out of the hustle and bustle yet close enough to all the cool stuff you want.  We are two mins scooter ride from the beach and the trendy eateries of Betelnut ,Crate, Monsier Spoon, Deus, Old Mans….

Twilight at villa Nanas

So if you want a taste of living like a local in our kid friendly but stylish Bali house you can check it on Air Bnb.

Click HERE to see more or visit our instagram account at @villa.nanas